Enhancing Security: The Benefits of Roller Grilles and Shutters for Your Property

Are you considering adding roller shutters or grilles to your residential or commercial property? To help you determine whether this is a worthwhile investment for your home or workplace, our Xpanda Security experts have compiled a list of the types of roller shutters and grilles available and a detailed account of the top benefits they provide. 


Read on to discover how these security tools can enhance your property’s safety features.

Benefits Of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are an important security tool used across many different industries, from shopping malls, car parks, arcades, and supermarkets to reception areas, bar counters, and shop fronts. They are effective, practical security tools that deter potential thieves and protect your valuable goods. 


Below, we outline a number of benefits roller shutters and grilles provide for properties.

Increased Security

Most people turn to roller shutters and grilles primarily for security reasons. Many intruders may be deterred simply by seeing a security guard such as these. Closed shutters and solid doors also prevent people from looking inside your property and scoping potential items to rob. Thanks to the strength and robust nature of roller shutters and grilles, intruders who are still determined to attempt a break-in will be quickly brought to a halt. 


Durable, resilient material makes break-ins a time-consuming challenge, and the majority of criminals will simply move on to a property with less protection. Guard your home or business with strengthened barriers that ward off intruders and keep your assets – and family – safe.

Simple Use

Whether at home or work, you want roller shutters and grilles that are easy to use for anyone on-site. Employees and family members will have no trouble raising Xpanda Security’s roller doors, which are specifically designed for smooth operation and have options for manual or motorised operation. This makes locking up an easy, quick task.

Weather Protection

If you want to protect a property exposed to the weather, roller shutters will help. Built to withstand New Zealand’s harsh environmental elements, they provide a protective layer against strong winds, rain, intense UV rays, and hail. They will also enhance your property’s insulation, helping you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Low Maintenance

Lastly, roller shutters and grilles are incredibly low maintenance. All Xpanda Security products are made in New Zealand from high-quality materials and professionally installed by our skilled team. The robust construction and materials used will ensure your new security feature will last for years to come. If you want to prolong the life of your equipment even further, consider having it professionally serviced on a yearly basis and relax as the decades pass. 

Types of Roller Shutters & Grilles

Various types of roller shutters and grilles are available. Xpanda Security supplies a range of options, outlined below, for your convenience. 


Polycarbonate Roller Shutters

Polycarbonate roller shutters are suited to several applications requiring a combination of security and subtle aesthetics, such as reception areas, shopfronts, and bar counters. Xpanda Security’s high-quality polycarbonate roller shutters are made to order and can fit any opening, regardless of your property type. The door slats feature nylon end caps, which reduce operational noise, friction and general wear and tear. 

Roller Grille

Offering superior visibility and airflow, roller door grilles feature a brickwork pattern comprised of aluminium tubes and nylon links. Made to order with the flexibility of fitting into any size opening, this is a good choice for shopfronts, bar counters, and reception areas. This roller is particularly rigid thanks to the use of three aluminium tubes per row of links. 

Heavy Roller Grilles

For a premium security solution, a heavy-duty roller door grille is your best option. Made to order and able to fit any size opening, its grid is comprised of 19mm aluminium tubes spaced 50mm apart by high-tensile aluminium links. The addition of a mohair strip ensures smooth, quiet operation and extends the life of your roller door by reducing wear. This is an ideal solution for larger openings, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, arcades, and car parks.

Aluminium Shutter

Need solutions for small openings? Xpanda Security’s aluminium shutters are designed for small-scale, specialist openings such as cabinets, kiosks and over the top of windows. A 70mm barrel ensures a small roll size that minimises the space needed. A compact double-sided extruded profile ensures extra strength. 


Users will enjoy the flexibility of this option, which can be motorised, manually operated with spring-balanced torsion springs, or used as a Tambour door. It can even be reverse-rolled using a reversible locking bar at the bottom of the design.

Aluminium Roller Shutter

Made-to-order roller shutters constructed from heavy-duty aluminium and designed for all size openings provide ideal security for large areas such as malls, shopfronts, car parks and bar counters. With a horizontal aluminium slat design, this option boasts high visibility and a sleek, unobtrusive aesthetic. Ventilation holes can be added for those requiring extra airflow.

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