Future-Proofing Your Retail Space: Why Anti-Jump Screens Are Essential

Owning any business is a big undertaking with many challenges. Businesses that involve customer-facing roles and cash handling, such as those in the retail industry, face the added challenge of ensuring the safety and security of staff and goods. 


If you own a retail store, you are likely concerned about your employees feeling safe and comfortable in the workplace. Not only is this crucial for their well-being, but it also protects your earnings from over-the-counter transactions and keeps goods stored behind the counter safe. 


Anti Jump Screens are a highly effective tool to increase staff safety now and in the future for your business. If you own a customer-facing business such as a retail store, dairy or gas station, you should consider adding this type of protective measure. 


Read on to discover how anti jump screens can benefit your business and why you should consider purchasing them as soon as possible. 

Benefits of Anti Jump Screens

With crime on the rise, you want to know your staff and goods are protected from offenders. Anti jump screens are a cost-effective security solution for customer-facing businesses where open counters are not ideal. With quick installation and minimal maintenance required, they are an excellent tool for immediately boosting staff safety. Below, we outline some of the best features of anti jump screens.

Visual Deterrent 

Offenders typically target retail stores that do not have obvious or effective security measures in place. Given this, anti jump screens are an effective deterrent that discourages would-be thieves from attempting an attack in the first place. They function as a visual deterrent that wards off potential offenders, and you will find most attackers are put off and take their crime elsewhere. 

Increased Protection 

Anti jump screens cover the counter area and act as a physical barrier between your staff and intruders, preventing unauthorised access to your till and any valuable goods. For those who are particularly persistent or well-equipped, these screens will significantly slow entry and allow staff adequate time to call the police and get to safety.   

Practical Design

Anti jump screens are designed with practicality in mind. A simple yet effective cable bar jump wire system ensures counter spaces are not breached while allowing more space and freedom than full-screen shields. Customers can easily pass documents or other items through the wires, and staff do not feel enclosed or constricted. There is only minimal obstruction of vision as well, meaning customers and staff can communicate clearly and without hearing being impacted.      

Unobtrusive Appearance

Unlike some security features, anti jump screens are intended to fit into the surroundings as seamlessly as possible. A tasteful, minimalist design welcomes customers. Posts and covers can be powder coated in colours of your choosing, enabling them to blend in and match your store in a visually pleasing manner. 

Versatile Installation

Xpanda can manufacture and install screens for a variety of counters, whether in a U-shape, on a corner, or in a standard straight line. We will customise your protective screens for your specific space to ensure maximum efficacy.

Durable & Strong

Our anti jump screens comprise of 5mm stranded steel PVC-coated cables threaded through robust stainless steel pulleys, which are fixed to steel plates on either end of your counter. Each end is attached to metal tensioners, which are fixed to the same steel plates, kept behind secured covers for additional protection. 


With sturdy bracing posts preventing cable slack, high tension strength is ensured. We manufacture our anti-jump system right here in Aotearoa using high-grade materials for the ultimate quality, so you can rest assured your staff and goods are well protected.

Health Measures

A side benefit of anti jump screens is an increase in health safety. Because customers and staff are physically separated, there is less chance of airborne contamination and illnesses spreading.

Steel Safety cage for shops

Alternative Safety Measures Steel

For those seeking more intensive protection, Xpanda also offers high-quality Steel Safety Cages. Constructed from solid steel, this tool is custom-built around your retail counter. Key features include a steel mesh gate with a fire-exit thumb-turn locking mechanism and lockable serving hatches to deliver goods. 

Built for strength and durability, these cages give business owners peace of mind that staff are safe, comfortable, and able to perform their duties. An added bonus is the sleek design and colour variations, which provide a stylish finish.. 

New Zealand’s Leading Security Products Provider

At Xpanda Security, we provide free on-site security assessments to determine the best solution for your business and offer expert installation and after-sale services for an end-to-end result. As well as anti jump screens, we offer a range of security solutions, including grilles, shutters, gates, bollards, roller doors, window bars, and more. Our friendly team is happy to provide a complimentary quote for your property and will work with you to determine the best outcome. 

Purchase Anti Jump Screens Now

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