Investing in Retail Safety: Why Window Security Bars are Essential for Shop Owners

With retail crime on the rise in New Zealand, retailers are looking for cost-effective ways to invest in their store security. Retail crime is expected to cost store owners nationwide around $1 billion each year, which underlines how important investing in great security is.

One of our most popular options for security-conscious retailers are our security bars. Providing peace-of-mind and a robust deterrent all-in-one, these bars are ideal for store owners with on-street premises who are vulnerable to window entry.

Curious about implementing this option in your store? Read on for a breakdown of security bars, including the many benefits of investing in this kind of deterrent.

What Are Window Security Bars?

Window security bars are an additional layer of security meant to sit over vulnerable spots in a store’s exterior, such as glass windows and doors. The bars sit at evenly-spaced intervals, small enough to resist being forced apart, and they can’t be shimmied through. Even if the windows themselves are broken, the bars prevent anyone from making it inside.

Bars like these are made with a frame to fit inside your window frame, with solid steel bars welded into it. Many fixings into your window frame ensure the result is as strong as possible!

Features of the Xpanda Window Security Bars

Our security bars are custom-built and welded to suit window apertures of all sizes and shapes. Bars are spaced at 125mm intervals and are strong enough to resist being forced apart enough for any unauthorised entry. Some key features of the Xpanda Window Security Bars include:

  •       Visual deterrent to discourage potential robberies.
  •       Penetration resistant.
  •       Insurance approved and recommended.
  •       Available in 12mm, 16mm, or 20mm bar diameters.
  •       Horizontal or vertical orientation.
  •       Generally installed indoors but can be made for outdoors.
  •       Quick, simple, robust installation.

Security bars play a unique role in the world of physical security products. While they must be as robust as possible, they must also be visually appealing. These bars sit across windows, so they can’t block too much light, or they’ll make the store’s interior look drab and dark. They also need to blend into the store’s décor so that they won’t stand or seem out of place.

That’s why Xpanda puts a lot of effort into choosing the best colour to minimise the visual disturbance. This helps them blend seamlessly into your store’s décor scheme, so they only deter would-be criminals, not prospective customers.

The Benefits of Security Bars for Shop Owners

Investing in new security measures is a balancing act. You want to know that the installation’s upfront cost is worth your investment’s long-term results. To help you make your choice, here are some of the biggest benefits of choosing window security bars as your next business investment.

Enhanced Security

Windows are one of the most vulnerable spots on any property, which can make protecting them difficult. However, with security bars, shop owners can rest easily, knowing that a strong physical barrier is in place to prevent criminals from breaching the windows. This prevents unauthorised entry.


Installing security bars helps with cost on a number of levels, the most obvious being a reduction in theft. Apart from that, security bars are actually the cheapest solution available and often stronger when compared to high-intensity security systems or technically intensive systems like security cameras.

Furthermore, installing a visible security measure like this can lead to reduced insurance premiums in some cases.

Durability and Longevity

Security bars are designed to go the distance. Xpanda’s bars are made from high-quality steel, which is a long-lasting solution that will stand up to all sorts of punishment. When you’re considering investing in a physical security solution, you need to be able to trust that your chosen measures will stay in place for years to come, and that’s what these bars provide.


Great security features do more than prevent physical entry. They work as a visible deterrent to any criminals. They indicate that a property is protected and not an easy target, which makes would-be robbers far more reluctant to rob a particular store.

In short, there are many benefits to investing in security bars if you’re a retailer with a physical store. Bars are especially effective in stores that face a street rather than stores encapsulated in a shopping mall, where entry via a window is far less likely.

However, if you have a store (or stores) inside a shopping centre, you might benefit more from roller doors or a custom-made security measure.

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