Is your commercial property vulnerable to break-ins or intruders? Alternatively, do you need to control who has access to areas due to health and safety legislation? If so, it’s time to step up your security with roller shutters, an Expandoor, security barriers or steel gates. Let us talk you through the set-up, options and products […]

Commercial property theft is every business owner’s worst nightmare. You return to your commercial premises only to find that thieves have broken in and stolen your valuable merchandise or equipment. Of course, a break-in is just the beginning of your nightmare; what ensues are hours of paperwork and insurance claims. Understanding how the most common […]

Want to know the ins and outs of commercial security? Let Xpanda set you straight. Unfortunately, burglary and theft of commercial properties are all too familiar. Why? Thieves target business properties as they know that within those four walls lie valuable goods. On top of this, whereas homes are in busy and populated residential areas, […]

Security doors not only stop a burglar from entering your commercial property – they can put them off even trying. When it comes to your commercial security, displaying an impenetrable façade is half of the battle. Let us explain. Why use security doors? Xpanda’s steel security doors are installed and fitted by experts. This means […]

Protecting your commercial property is a must. Losing valuable stock or having to put work on hold to deal with the after-effects of burglary can have a significant impact on your business. When considering security measures at your business property, you might be wonder if security doors, retractable grilles, window bars and steel bollards are […]

Are you looking to increase the security of your business premises? Then start with your doors. For many burglars, just the look of a sturdy door and evidence of security locks and door strengthening measures are enough to put them off. Let us talk you through some of the ways that you can increase your […]

Do you feel like your business premises is vulnerable to burglary and theft? Are you living in one of Auckland’s crime hotspots? If so, it could be time to revise your security options, including adding steel security doors. Let’s explore the situation. Where are the crime hotspots in Auckland? Studies show that from July 2014 […]

When it comes to burglar-proofing your business property, your first port of call should be your deterrents. Instead of hoping to catch thieves in the act you want to put them off even trying. So, are security cameras the best way to reduce crime or do security doors, bars and steel mesh screens work better? […]

If you think installing security gates, surveillance cameras and external lighting to protect your commercial property are over the top, think again. In 2016, the NZ Herald undertook a series of investigations into burglaries. The findings revealed a growing number of break-ins and thefts taking place all over the country with the number at commercial […]

How effective is your workplace security? With thieves specifically targeting NZ’s businesses, it’s time to fight back with hard-hitting deterrents such as security doors, fences and screens. You might be wondering why it’s not enough to use a tough deadbolt or sturdy window locks? While these security measures are useful, they won’t stop a determined […]