Fixed (In ground) Security Galvanised Bollard 

Fixed (In Ground) Security Stainless Steel Bollard

Removable Security Galavanised Bollard

Removable Security Stainless Steel Bollard

Bolt Down Security Galvanised Bollard

Range in price between $480 to $850


The main reasons to have security bollards installed are: vehicles accidentally ramming into your premises and the other is criminals wanting to ram your premises for access to steal and do damage.


Cost of installing fixed (in ground) security bollards:

The cost of a security fixed bollard to be installed would be in the region of $480.00 and $560.00, this does not include the concrete cutting cost.


The cost of concrete cutting is dependent on the thickness and difficulty of the concrete that requires cutting, but usually this cost is between $150.00 and $180.00 per bollard on average, and needs to be added on to your costing.


If you choose stainless steel there is no need to add any colour to your bollard the stainless steel is the decorative feature but with galvanised you may want to jazz it up a little with a colour.  Powder coating is always a good way to be more creative and will cost you in the region of $100 per bollard to get them powder coated.


Cost of installing Removable Security Bollards

The reason for installing removable bollards is to protect your premises from ram raids and still maintain  access to your premises.


The removable bollard covers both these issues above of securing your premises and also having access by allowing the bollard to be removed when required.


The cost of removable bollards will range from $750.00 to $850.00 there is also the same issues of whether you choose stainless steel or galvanised steel and whether you require it to be a colour or you are happy with a steel colour.


These bollards also need concrete cutting so the same rules of costing apply as above in the fixed bollard section.


Cost of Installing Bolt Down Security Bollards

The cost to install bolt down bollards will be in the region of $550.00 per bollard, but you will not have to pay anymore for concrete cutting.


The installation process is much quicker and cleaner, with there not being any concrete cutting and the stability of the bollards comes through the high tensile strength wedge anchor bolts that go in the ground.  The bolts are also capped with a weld in place to stop anyone undoing the bolts after installation.


These bollards are usually used for showing pedestrians and vehicles there is no access to a walkway and other areas but can be also used to great effect as a security bollard and are rarely rammed by thieves.  The bollard itself can be backfilled with concrete adding to the security aspect.


The security bolt down bollard is used when access to the underground substrate is restricted. The bolt down bollard is a wonderful visual deterrent and can be installed anywhere there is a solid slab of concrete to hold the bolts in place.


They also can be colourised if required costing for this is the same as fixed bollards above.


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