Security Window Bars

How much does it cost to install security Window Bars in New Zealand?

20mm Round Steel Burglar Bars       (per square meter)                             From $325.00

16mm Round Steel Burglar Bars       (per square meter)                             From $275.00

12mm Round Steel Burglar Bars       (per square meter)                             From $225.00

Steel Mesh Screen                             (per square meter)                              From $330.00

Burglar Bars – DIY Version (supply only) (per set of bars)                            From $95.00


Commercial Burglar Bars (Window Bars)

Steel Window Bars would cost you from $95.00 up to $325.00 per meter in NZ (New Zealand) and can come in all sizes and configurations depending on the design chosen.

Most commercial window bars are of simple design and the steel bars will vary in diameter depending on where they need to be installed and what level of protection is chosen.

For maximum strength window bars, they should be welded in to the frame and the bracing bars.  Screws should be concealed to halt potential intruders from unscrewing and removing the bars and gaining access to your premises.

There are usually bracing bars every 600mm, this stops to much flexibility and someone bending the bars when they are too long and without reinforcing bracings.

When there is a legal requirement of ease of exit, most doors will have a handle, thumb turn or push bar. In this case security companies will use steel mesh to secure premises. Steel mesh has much tighter gaps and a shielding plate can be fitted to stop unwanted hands reaching through broken glass and bars and opening the door.


Residential Window Bars

Residential window bars are still quite rare in NZ but are starting to be used on certain properties, and are becoming more popular when required.

Residential residents mainly opt for the more affordable versions of a steel window bars, which are not only adjustable but are very simple to install.

This solution is very cost-effective when working on a smaller budget.


Outside Window Bar Installations

Security bars can be installed on the outside of the property but this means they can be tampered with without any alarm going off.

One trick thieves use is tying rope or chain around the bars and using a vehicle to pull them off the building.

This is a good reason to always have your security bars installed inside.  If you do install outside be aware they will rust unless you have them weather proofed.


Xpanda Security – NZ

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Xpanda have supplied and installed thousands security window bars and their expertise is assured with the experience they have gathered over the years.

Xpanda Security have been protecting Kiwi businesses for over 22 years with high quality steel security.  Their reputation is somewhat perfect and their Google Reviews  online represent this and give a clear unanimous Scream from their past clients “Yes! Great job guys”.