Expanding Doors and Grilles

Xpanda gives you a variety of options to choose from when it comes to grilles and security gates. Our Expandoor security trellis gate system is made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. The Multiguard is a high security steel expanding trellis grille system for shop fronts, and is recommended by Kiwi insurance companies. Our retractable Saftidor security grille is a cost effective scissor gate which can be changed into a mobile security or pedestrian barrier with the Saftidor trolley system that is ideal for malls, restaurants and coffee shops. We also have the ultra strong Double Diamond retractable grille that’s perfect for emergency exit doors, and the Rollerguard Pedestrian Barrier that helps you cordon off public access to specific areas.

Xpanda offers you some of the best security solutions in New Zealand. Besides expanding doors and grilles for NZ, we also have several other security products like safes, window bars and screen doors, and steel doors, security gates and cages. If you are a business owner, check out our range of bollards and ram raid beams, anti jump screens and commercial roller doors, grilles and shutters

We offer a hassle-free installation and after-sales service to ensure you’re always safe and satisfied with your security setup.