Double Diamond Retractable Grilles

Emergency Exit Door

  • Strong protection for emergency exit doors
  • Has an internal thumb-turn with an external lock protection plate
  • Made from steel and available in black and white
  • Fits any width doorway
  • Recommended by insurance companies

The Xpanda Saftidoor is a cost effective powder coated steel retractable grille system, that can be assembled and delivered within 24 hours. The Saftidoor is modular and suitable for all openings. By adding a trolley system, the Saftidoor becomes a mobile security or pedestrian barrier. It has many beneficial applications in that it is not restricted to being fixed to a structure, although it can be, if required. Because the Saftidoor trolley system allows for complete mobility and versatility, without compromising security, it can be moved and used in many lockable configurations. Common uses include securing kiosks in Malls, Restaurants, Coffee shops, construction sites and areas where no other means of security can be provided.