Pedestrian Barriers

Versatile aluminium pedestrian safety security barriers

As security experts Xpanda manufactures a premium quality range of security barriers, including aluminium pedestrian safety barriers. Our customised, quality aluminium rollerguard pedestrian safety barriers are powder coated in colours of your choice, and are mobile, flexible and easy to store. These security barriers are a cost effective visual deterrent pedestrian barrier used to cordon off areas where public access needs to be restricted for either security, or health and safety reasons. Our aluminium barriers can be used across workshop and roller door entrance or on building sites and areas where temporary cordons and pedestrian safety barriers are needed. Xpanda’s aluminium security barriers can be fitted with castor wheel to make them easier to move around, are usually fixed and hinged on one end and can be locked through a drop catch.

We also manufacture fully removable mobile pedestrian safety barriers with a trolley system. This security barrier has a number of effective applications as it does not have to be fixed to a structure. These pedestrian safety barriers are powder coated in your choice of colour and are lightweight for complete mobility and versatility. Our aluminium barriers come with a number of locking options and can be easily stored when not in use, then quickly moved to cordon off areas, and can be joined together with other Rollerguard pedestrian safety barriers.