Bollards by Xpanda

Bollards & Ram-raid Beams

Xpanda bollards and ram raid beams are excellent physical and visual deterrents. We are the go-to when it comes to highly effective fixed (like galvanised steel fixed bollards and stainless steel fixed bollards) and removable bollards (again galvanised steel removable bollards and stainless steel removable bollards) that are ideal for New Zealand environments.

Our bolt down bollards are an excellent alternative to fixed bollards as a visual deterrent to prevent vehicles from going into areas the general public have access to when fixed or removable bollards are not suitable. These bollards have a quick installation time and a low impact on the environment.

When it comes to ram raid beams, we specialise in manufacturing customised fixedslotted and swinging ram beams. Our insurance approved security ram beams are set up at the correct height to help prevent ram raids.

Xpanda offers you some of the best security solutions in New Zealand. Besides bollards and ram raid beams for NZ, we also have several other security products like safeswindow bars and screen doorssteel doors, security gates and cages, and expanding doors and grilles. If you are a business owner, also check out our range of anti jump screens and commercial roller doors, grilles and shutters.

We offer a hassle-free installation and after-sales service to ensure you’re always safe and satisfied with your security setup.

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