Bollards & Ram-Raid Beams

At Xpanda Security we are the go-to when it comes to highly effective fixed and removable bollards that are ideal for New Zealand environments. Our belt down bollards are an excellent alternative to fixed bollards as a visual deterrent to prevent vehicles from going into areas the general public have access to when fixed or removable bollards are not suitable. These bollards have a quick installation time and less impact on the environment. Belt down bollards have fixing bolts are strong high tensile strength wedge anchor bolts, these can be welded in place once tightened to prevent the bollards from being removed without authorisation.

We supply top quality galvanised and stainless steel fixed bollards that are powder coated with a corrosion resistant finish. Manufactured for NZ conditions as an efficient visual and physical deterrent, these bollards have an excellent impact strength and are used very successfully as permanent fixtures against ram raids.

Xpanda Security’s removable galvanised and stainless-steel bollards can be moved for easy access to hallways and driveways, or as bollards in front of shop entrances and roller door openings. These corrosion resistant bollards are insurance approved in NZ. All our bollards are manufactured in Auckland to any size or length you require and can be supplied and installed throughout NZ.

Security ram beams as very effective ram raid barriers

Xpanda Security specialised in manufacturing customised fixed, slotted and swinging ram beam that are excellent visual and physical deterrents against ram raids. Our insurance approved fixed security ram beams are galvanised against corrosion before being concreted into the ground. These ram beams are set up at the correct height to help prevent ram raids.

We manufacture slotted security ram beams that are very effective ram raid barriers. These ram beams have locking points that are either on plates bolted to buildings or solid structures, or are concealed in posts concreted into the ground if needed. The ram beams are made to slide within or out of their housings and away from the area they are protecting, and to allow unobstructed access to that same area. For additional security special padlocks can be fitted. Xpanda’s security slotted ram raid barriers are corrosion resistant, insurance approved and are excellent visual deterrents.

We manufacture top quality corrosion resistant swinging security ram beams where the pivot points and locking points are either plates bolted to buildings or solid structures, or are posts concreted into the ground. These ram beams are designed to pivot away from the area they protect to allow easy access and can be fitted with very effective locking systems for additional security.