Removable Bollards Galvanized

  • Visual deterrent
  • Removable for ease of access
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Insurance approved

Xpanda Security supplies and installs removable bollards in either galvanised or stainless steel. Removable bollards are usually installed to firstly provide protection and secondly, to facilitate unobstructed access when this is required. These bollards are commonly installed in front of roller door openings, shop entrances, hallways and driveways. A galvanised receptacle is used for both the galvanised and the stainless steel bollards, and is firmly concreted into the ground. The sentry style bollard with eyebolt is placed into the housing and the hinged cover is used as the securing hasp over the eyebolt. Once a padlock is locked through the eyebolt then the bollard is secured against removal. When the bollard is removed for accessibility, then the hinged cover is closed over the aperture allowing for a safe environment.