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Xpanda Security offers you the full suite of physical security products. Our products are manufactured by us right here in New Zealand and installed professionally at your location. Needless to say, we are passionate about the physical security industry, and as experts, we are here to help you and your business stay safe at all times.

About Xpanda Security

Over the last 25 years, we have grown as the need for physical security in New Zealand has increased. We have introduced the most extensive and secure range of steel expanding trellis doors, and remain the market leader in steel security products by ensuring we manufacture all our own products and are continually developing new products and security solutions. Xpanda Security is the leading provider of security doors in NZ, our products are available throughout the North and South Island. Check out our range of products like security shutters, bollards, screen doors and more, all built to give you complete protection and peace of mind.


Xpanda Security is a trusted and respected security company in New Zealand with a long and successful history. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, product innovation, and sustainability has made it a leader in the industry. Xpanda Security offers a wide range of security solutions to mainly commercial clients, including security doorswindow barsroller shutters, and much more.

In the early days, Xpanda Security focused mainly on the production and installation of security doors and window bars. These products quickly gained popularity among businesses, as they provided a reliable and affordable way to secure properties. As Xpanda Security began to expand its product offerings to include a wider range of security solutions the company introduced roller grilles, security screensBollardsram beams and other products that offered enhanced security features and improved aesthetics.

Over the years, Xpanda Security has become a name synonymous with security in New Zealand. Our retractable security grilles are often referred to as an ‘Xpanda’.
The company’s products are trusted by thousands of businesses throughout the country.

One of the reasons for Xpanda Security’s success is its commitment to customer satisfaction. We  strive to provide its clients with the best possible security solutions, tailored to their unique needs and preferences. Xpanda Security’s team of expert technicians is highly trained and experienced, ensuring that every installation is completed to the highest standards of quality. In terms of perfection, we live by the standard ‘Its not good enough for us until its good enough for our customer’

Xpanda Security is committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to security technology. The company invests heavily in research and development, ensuring that its products are always up to date with the latest crime trends and patterns. Xpanda Security’s products are designed to provide maximum protection against a wide range of threats, including Ram-raids, burglary, and even daylight attacks.

If you’re looking for high-quality security solutions in New Zealand, Xpanda Security is the company to trust.


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