Bayleys Commercial

The Xpanda installation team provided good value and timely service. They worked around our deadlines and were forthcoming and easy to contact for information and queries. Their product looks good and they left everything clean and tidy. They also checked that I was 100% happy before leaving the sites.

testimonial bayleys commercial

Browns Bay School

Sadly schools are increasingly becoming a real target for vandalism and theft. I wanted to protect my school and our assets and realised that deterring people (as well as preventing) people getting in was the best way to do this. Alarms and cameras are useful but it’s often too late and the damage is done. I was initially concerned that the grilles (mesh screens) and bars (fixed bars) would look too intrusive, but I am really pleased with the outcome. The product is great, the end result unobtrusive and the experience was most pleasant. I have been recommending them to my colleagues running other schools.

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Dick Smith

I have entrusted Xpanda Security to ensure my 60+ stores country-wide are safe from ram raiders, break-ins and criminals. Xpanda Security has provided our physical security for the past 5 years, they’ve worked hard for me and I see them as a key supplier.

The main products we’ve used are the saftidoors and multiguards which provide a good retail solution as the concertina doors can be folded back during retail hours and provide a solid deterrent and barrier when closed. The door sheaths and anti jemmy strips have also proved highly effective in keeping burglars out. The installation team work around our retail timetables and do a quality job that still looks attractive.

testimonial dick smith

North Cross Pharmacy

Installing our grilles and security was a prompt and efficient affair. The turnaround from quote to installation was only a few days. I felt I was dealing with people who knew what they were doing with their recommendations and installation. They recommended a heavy steel door, (anti-bandit door) plus bollards and bars for our window security. All of these have stopped unwanted visitors. The work done by Xpanda was completed with little or no disruption to our pharmacy operation. These installations have made me feel very confident about our security arrangements. I can thoro

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PB Technologies

PB Technologies’ premises contain high value technology products so we are targeted by criminals. I wanted my buildings to be impenetrable, avoid the cost and inconvenience of break-ins and also to minimise insurance premiums.

I’m a demanding customer and Xpanda Security worked closely with me to ensure I was happy with all aspects of my security. I wanted the maximum protection grill (double diamond) on my doors, my windows to be protected with bars, (Durbars) bollards and anti-ram beams installed to prevent ram raiding. Xpanda Secureity advised me and installed security on my new stores in North Shore, Hamilton and Queen Street. Their products seem to be very good (there have been attempts to break in but they were not able to get past the security) and they offer good service.

testimonial pb tech

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