Steel Doors, Gates and Cages

Specialists in external steel security gates, strong bar gates & doors and steel mesh doors

Xpanda Security are experts in manufacturing external steel security gates to suit individual requirements and measurements. All our steel gates and frames are fully welded for strength against forced entry. Our security gates range includes pedestrian as well as driveway gates and there are very few limitations as to what we can do, including bar and solid panel gates in different strengths to suit your security needs. Galvanising and powder-coating is also available in a range of colours.

We manufacture strong steel bar doors and gates in our workshops in Auckland and the South Island, with a choice of 12, 16, or 20mm round bars. Xpanda bar doors are fully-welded to your unique specifications, and can be galvanised and powder-coated in any colour as needed.

All our steel mesh doors and gates are fully welded for strength against forced entry. We use a small mesh size on our security gates to stop goods or hands from passing through, and we can combination solid bar and mesh gates for all your security requirements, along with hinged and different locking potions and powder-coating if needed.

Xpanda security steel, mesh and bar gates and doors are insurance approved and come with our quality guarantee and excellent customer service.

Tough-as-nail solid steel security doors for NZ conditions

As experts in security barriers for commercial businesses, Xpanda supplies solid steel doors to be the ultimate in security doors in NZ. These security doors are built tough in our workshop in Auckland, with various locking options from code locks to deadbolts able to be fitted during the manufacturing process, depending on client requirements and specifications. Hinge protection pins are welded on the hinged side of the steel doors. These pins locate into the jamb frame when the door is closed, which means should the hinges be tampered with the solid steel door cannot be forced open on the hinged side because of these pins.

Our solid steel security doors are manufactured to the highest standards with top quality workmanship, and can be fitted into existing blockwork or timber door openings, as all steel doors and frames are custom built for NZ conditions. Our security doors can also be corrosion proofed for a more resistant finish.

All our solid steel security doors are insurance approved and recommended, giving you peace of mind. We offer hassle-free installation and have a team of experienced professionals with a range of skills to provide our clients with all their physical security needs, including solid steel security doors.