Anti-Jump Screen

  • Visually pleasing
  • Provides security
  • Cable tensioners to prevent slack
  • Powder coat options

Xpanda Security manufactures an anti-jump screen that uses a cable to prevent unauthorised access over a counter from a public area to a secured area. (Otherwise known as cable bars)
Jump wires do not obstruct the visual connection with your customers, and you have no loss of speach clarity like you do with any acrylic system on the market, even if they have holes.

Whether your counter is a simple straight line, on a corner, or in a U-shape –  Xpanda can make a system to suit. Multi-height counters are not a problem either.
Its important to understand that like any security product they are not absolute – if an attacker comes with the right equipment or enough force. – But they are designed to greatly slow down entry so that you can call police and make yourself safe.

The system uses a single 5mm stranded steel PVC coated cable, threaded through a series of stainless steel pulleys and fixed to steel plates on opposite ends of the protected area.
Each end is then attached to mechanical tensioners, also secured to the same steel plates. The plates are housed behind secured covers to prevent tampering with the system. Bracing posts are fitted to prevent slack in the cable over longer distances. Posts and covers can be powder coated to a colour of choice.