Bolt Down Bollards

  • Effective deterrent
  • Alternate option to fixed bollards
  • Less installation impact on environment
  • Quick installation
  • Removable and reusable

Xpanda Security manufactures bolt down bollards, in any size or length, that you may require. Bolt down bollards are used more as a visual deterrent barrier, usually to prevent vehicles from entering walkway areas where the public have unrestricted access. The bolt down bollard is also an alternate solution when fixed or removable bollards cannot be installed. The effectiveness of the bolt down bollard must not be underestimated. They can be filled with concrete for added protection against a ram raid, but obviously will not offer the same degree of protection as fixed bollards. The fixing bolts are normally high tensile strength wedge anchor bolts, and can be welded in place once tightened, to prevent unauthorised removal. The size and type of bolt determines the amount of security it can provide. Bolt down bollards can be supplied with square, round or oblong mounting plates or collars. Galvanising and powder coating options are available and to a colour of your choice.