Slotted Ram Beams

  • Secured to solid structures
  • Concreted posts if required
  • Visual deterrent
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Choice of locking methods
  • Insurance approved
  • Discourages ram raiding

The first step in reducing the danger of ram raiders is to install security bollards or ram beams. Ram-Beams act as a physical barrier to prevent vehicles from entering the building.
Security ram beams are classified into three types: Stationary (Fixed), or Three removable types slotted, sliding or swinging.

Xpanda is the expert in the production of these beams, so count on us and we’ll advise you on the best option for your business. Remember that in order to be effective, the security ram beams must be placed at the proper height! All four options are successful at preventing ram-raids. We will determine the best solution for you and ensure that it is properly installed and maintained to provide the best protection for your company. The ram beams are hot dipped galvanised for corrosion protection before being installed.

Fixed ram beams are a permanent security feature that is installed into the ground or onto the face of the building, and is intended to keep ram-raiders out. They are an excellent choice for businesses that require a high degree of security but do not require access – like shop windows.

Slotted ram beams are similar to fixed beams, but they can be lifted out during the day to allow entrance for customers. This is especially helpful for businesses that receive regular deliveries or have customers coming in and out all day. Special “Hamburger” type locks are fitted for added security which we fit into a steel sheath to protect them.

Sliding ram beams are removable by way of sliding them away to the side into brackets that are ready to hold them. They will usually be made of 89mm Square Steel tube. Special “Hamburger” type locks are fitted for added security which we fit into a steel sheath to protect them.

Swinging ram beams are hinged to a post and can be swung wide when entry is required. They are an excellent choice for businesses that require a versatile security solution and frequent access to their entryway.

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