Double Diamond Expanding Fire Exit Grilles

Emergency Exit Door

  • Strong protection for emergency exit doors
  • Has an internal thumb-turn with an external lock protection plate
  • Made from steel and available in black and white
  • Fits any width doorway
  • Recommended by insurance companies

The Xpanda Double Diamond expanding fire exit grille is a fire-compliant option for securing a fire exit. This is all based on the need for quick egress without a key.
The Double Diamond Expanding Fire Exit Grilles have much smaller gaps so arms cant reach the thumb turn lock, and as an added protection we put a sheilding plate also. While the double diamond does not retract as small as the regular Saftidor, it is in many instances the only option.
The Double diamond is also useful for securing wine racks, as a bottle will not fit through the holes.

Available in either black or white to a height of up to 2080mm.

• Often the only option for Strong protection for Emergency exit doors
• Has internal thumb-turn with lock protection plate
• Great value for money
• Highly visual as a deterrent
• Manufactured in steel for stronger attack resistance
• Suitable for all opening widths
• No top or bottom track necessary
• Can be hinged to keep the entrance way totally clear when not is use
• Recommended by insurance companies

When should you choose Double Diamond Saftidor Grille over others?

Double Diamond is the only Fire-exit compliant grille on the market which functions properly.
Because a fire exit requires the ability to exit without a key.
The small diamond and added sheilding plate means a thumbturn lock is possible.
Minimum reduction of opening width – Because Double diamond can be hinged to the side when stacked, the space will not be reduced by more than about 80mm.
No trip hazard added to floor – Because there are no top or bottom track necessary, only side posts and shoot-bolts into the floor there is nothing that your customers can trip on.

Which Xpanda Security Grilles are right for you?

Inward Opening First access doorNONONONONONO
Emergency Exit With Maglock*
Colour choiceBlack or WhiteBlack or WhiteBlack or WhiteAny**Black or WhiteAny**
Floor RunningCastorT Trolley BasesCastorCastor
Top RunningTop TrackTop TrackTop TrackYESYES
Can be opened      
Size When Open~10%~10%~15%~8%~15%~10%
Hinged away when open NO  
Windows NO  
Fully OutdoorOption*Option*Option*Option*
Stop Pedestrians      
Provide SecurityMediumMediumMediumHighHighSafety
Ideal LocationsShopfronts,
Large Windows,
Unatended Areas,
Warehouse Doors
Unatended Areas
Fire Exits,
Wine Racks,
Large Windows,
Unatended Areas,
Warehouse Doors
Large Windows,
Doorways, Unatended
Large Windows,
Unatended Areas
Unatended Areas,
Warehouse Doors
A basic guide to product comparisons can be found above. Ultimately our expert will present any options available when we visit to quote.
* An electrician can install a Magnetic lock with an exit button making this compliant (depending on your specific fire requirements)
** Colour choice is within the Dulux Powder coat colour range.
*** Outdoors is possible if there is no other option but this is not always recommended.
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