Fixed Steel Pedestrian Barriers

  • Public protection
  • Steel construction
  • Visual protection
  • Walkway protection
  • Mechanical protection
  • Machinery protection

Introducing Xpanda’s robust Fixed Steel Pedestrian Barriers, offering superior vehicle protection with a effective powder coated finish. These barriers are engineered for longevity, modularity, and straightforward installation. Whether employed for minor or large-scale projects, our Steel Pedestrian Barriers are meticulously crafted to elevate the safety standards of your site. We can build them with various gate options and additional accessories to cater to your specific safety requirements.

Distinguished by a vivid yellow powder coat, Xpanda’s Pedestrian Barriers boast an extended lifespan and serve as prominent visual cues for both drivers and pedestrians. The powder coat not only enhances durability but along with the galvanising also shields the steel against moisture, frigid temperatures, and minor abrasions, effectively preventing rust and discoloration.
These barriers furnish intermediate shielding against impacts from forklifts and light vehicles, mitigating personal injuries, downtime, and potential financial losses that more serious accidents could entail.
Please note that these pedestrian barriers are suitable exclusively for areas where vehicular traffic moves parallel to the barriers. In all other scenarios, consider bollards or Ram beams.

Key Features and Benefits:
Galvanized steel foundation coated with a protective powder finish.
An economically viable, modular barrier system.
Simple measurement and installation, fully customised.
Best in safety yellow colour to ensuring heightened visibility but can be coated as requred.

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