Xpanda security supplies various types of locks that can be fitted to aid the security of a door. It is becoming more obvious that the standard door lock is no longer sufficient and to improve security, additional High Security locks need to be installed. Some available options are; Deadbolt: When locked a thick pin passes from the lock mechanism into the jamb. It is very difficult to force this lock open. Two of these locks on a door is good security. ADI locking bolt: The most common fitment is one ADI bolt at the top and one ADI bolt at the bottom of a single door, and the same applies to one of the doors on a double door. Hasp and Staple lock: Normally used to secure two side by side (double) opening doors together. A common addition is to also add two ADI locking bolts top and bottom. Strong room door lock: Usually mounted to solid steel doors and engages multiple locking points at the same time from one locking position.