Roller Grille - 12mm

  • 2 way double sided deadlock
  • Key position can be off centre
  • Flared side rails for smooth operation
  • Torsion springs for lightweight operation
  • Optional motorised operation

Xpanda Security can supply a roller door grille that provides a practical solution for a number of security applications where aesthetics, visibility and or airflow would be required. The roller door grilles are made to order, to fit any size opening. Horizontal 12.7mm aluminium tubes connected by nylon links form a brickwork pattern. Screen rigidity is increased by incorporating 3 aluminium tubes per row of links. Nylon end caps prevent metal on metal contact in door tracks, thus making for quieter operation and extending the life of the door. The doors can be motorised but additional clearances would be required. Practical applications include shopfronts, reception and bar counters etc.