Retractable Security Grille
Retractable Security Grille

Saftidor Retractable Security Grille

  • Great value for money
  • Ex-stock for a quicker install
  • Highly visual as a deterrent
  • Manufactured in steel for stronger attack resistance
  • Suitable for all opening widths
  • No top or bottom track necessary
  • Can be hinged to keep the entrance way totally clear when not is use
  • Does not detract from merchandise visibility
  • Recommended by insurance companies

The Saftidor Retractable Security Grille is the most a cost effective steel retractable grille system. This ‘scissor’ style steel expanding grille system is suitable for all opening widths and for heights up to 2.6 metres. The Retractable Security Grille is available in white or black powder coated finish and is aesthetically pleasing.

When not in use the security door can swing out of the way to provide clear doorway access. Ideal for the protection of shopfronts, entrance doorways and counter-top barriers in restaurants and bars. The design of the grille system permits the door to retract to within 15% of its opening size.

The addition of a trolley system makes the Saftidor mobile, and it can be used as a pedestrian barriers in shopping centres and airports. Xpanda Security keeps a large range of stock for short installation lead times.

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When should we choose Saftidor Retractable Security Grille over others?

  • For budget reasons – Being the most cost-efficient option on the market means you would choose Saftidor over other options if more expensive solutions would stop you from going ahead.
  • Minimum reduction of opening width – Because Saftidor can be hinged to the side when stacked, the space will not be reduced by more than about 80mm. This is not a feature of the other expanding security grilles we make as they are fully framed.
  • No trip hazard added to floor – Because there are no top or bottom track necessary, only side posts and shoot-bolts into the floor there is nothing that your customers can trip on.

Are security grilles worth it?

Absolutely yes! Many times we have been shown footage of attempted break-ins where the criminal couldn’t get past the security grille. In an attempted burglary – short of a full roller shutter on the outside you are always going to get broken glass to clean up, and sometimes even a damaged grille – but we have only seen one CCTV video where access was gained and even then it took them so long to get through it that security personnel had arrived.

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