Saftidor Trolley System

Retractable Grille Security System

  • All steel construction
  • Powder coated finish
  • Available in black or white
  • Mobile system
  • Available within 24 hours
  • Effective security
  • Locking options

The Saftidor Retractable Security Grille is the most a cost effective steel retractable grille system. This ‘scissor’ style steel expanding grille system is suitable for all opening widths and for heights up to 2.6 metres.
The Retractable Security Grille is available in white or black powder coated finish and is aesthetically pleasing.
By adding a trolley system, the Saftidoor becomes a mobile security or pedestrian barrier. It has many beneficial applications in that it is not restricted to being fixed to a structure, although it can be, if required. Because the Saftidoor trolley system allows for complete mobility and versatility, without compromising security, it can be moved and used in many lockable configurations.
Common uses include securing kiosks in Malls, Restaurants, Coffee shops, construction sites and areas where no other means of security can be provided.

When should we choose Saftidor Trolley Retractable Security Grille over others?
• When you need better security than a normal Aluminium Pedestrian Barrier. Saftidor grilles, while not ‘high-secuity’ in this application are a lot stronger, and the gap cannot be climbed through.
• Minimum reduction of opening width – Because Saftidor Trolley can be unlocked both ends and trolleyed away for storage, the space will not be reduced by more than about 100mm.
• No trip hazard added to floor – Because there are no top or bottom track necessary, only side posts and shoot-bolts into the floor, there is nothing that your customers can trip on.

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