Window Security Bars – Durabar

Window Bars (Horizontal and Vertical)

  • Visual deterrent
  • Penetration resistant
  • Insurance approved and recommended
  • Designed around client’s requirements
  • Simple installation
  • Face fix or reveal fixing
  • Powder coated
  • Galvanised (for external applications)
Possible installation parameters/ limitation
Bar Size12mm, 16mm, 20mm
OrientationHorizontal, Vertical
Weather ratingIndoor, Outdoor
FixingFace Fix, Sill Fix
ColourAny Dulux Powder-coating colour (although some do cost more than others)

The Xpanda Window Security Bars range is custom built and welded to suit all applications around window apertures, requiring protection against unauthorised forced entry. All steel construction using 25mm square tube for the frame and braces, and 12mm, 16mm or 20mm steel round bar, depending on individual requirements, are then welded into the frames.

Bracings for the bars to pass through are spaced at no more than 600mm intervals. This provides added strength over any distance. This is done so as to prevent the bars being forced apart enough for unauthorised entry.

All securing screws and pins are not easily accessible and neat caps cover the fixing points. Window security bars are traditionally installed with the bars running horizontally but vertical bars can be done depending on requirements. Galvanising for exterior bars is recommended and powder coating options are also available.

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Window Security bars Features:

Steel Construction
We can install either Sill & Face Fix
Can be powder coated to any colour choice.
Suitable for indoor (or outdoor use if galvanised)

Strong and Secure Protection

Our window security bars are built to be extremely strong and durable, making it nearly impossible for any determined burglar to gain entry into your property. You can have peace of mind knowing that your property is well-protected with our security window bars.

Why Choose Window Bars for Security?

They make it difficult for intruders to enter a building by breaking or opening a window.
They are an effective way to deter criminals.
They give business owners peace of mind that their property is safe.
They are a practical and aesthetically pleasing.
They are designed to the specifics of each structure.
They can be powder coated to many different colours, they won’t stand out or seem out of place.

Do window security bars work?

When it comes to securing your business against burglary, window security bars are highly effective. These bars are designed to withstand significant force, making it difficult for burglars to break in. Furthermore, the sight of these bars serves as an immediate deterrent, dissuading criminals from targeting your shop.

Burglars tend to target shops that appear to lack even basic security measures. Therefore, having barred windows is likely to discourage them from attempting a break-in altogether.

However, if you are considering installing security bars on your windows, it’s crucial to prioritize reinforcing your doors as well. While barred windows can provide a level of protection, a determined burglar may attempt to kick in the front door. Therefore, ensuring that your front door is adequately secured is vital.

Xpanda offers a wide range of suitable products to protect your doorways in addition to window security bars, so please get in touch with us today!

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