How Much do Pedestrian Barriers Cost in New Zealand?

NB. Pricing as per June 2023, this can change.

1.5m High Pedestrian Barrier (per metre)                $300
2m High Pedestrian Barrier (per metre)                $350

Plus gst, installation or shipping.


Pedestrian Barriers (Roller Door Barrier)

The cost of a pedestrian barrier is relatively cheap in comparison to security grille doors. The barriers are usually sold per meter and will set you back between $300 and $350 per metre.

These barriers are incredibly flexible in where they can be used. The main areas that they are usually used are across a roller door to stop unwanted people straying into your workshop and in malls to cordon off shops and kiosks. They can also be used in many other areas inside premises and outside premises where areas need to be cordoned off.

Normally they are fixed to one side of a wall and are stretched out to the other wall, running on a wheel which makes it smooth running and a simple locking system is used to lock the gate off.

If you need your barrier to be free standing like a kiosk area then a trolley system can be used, which will cost you more and can be used to make your barrier mobile and easy to store away.

Barriers are made out of steel aluminium tubing which makes it light and mobile and also weatherproofed.

Most barriers sold are usually powder coated a bright colour like yellow or red, this makes it very visible and will warn pedestrians to stay away.

The most common height of a barrier is either 1.5M or 2M.  Because of the stability the trolley system offers the barrier length is not an issue and can be made to almost any length.

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