Burglaries, even in prominent malls in Auckland, can be avoided by using security grilles

It should not have been this easy to steal from a highly protected mall, but all it took was a couple of bricks thrown through windows. After the windows were breached, these miscreants filled their bags with jewellery. Maybe if some security grille doors or roller grilles were used instead of whatever security was in place, this could have been avoided as steel security is always a struggle to get through.


The incident

Eight teenagers appeared in court after they were apprehended for burglarising two jewellery stores in Auckland’s Albany Mall. The miscreants stole a “large amount of jewellery” by smashing the store windows with a brick or a rock, said the police. Read the complete report by Melissa Nightingale for NZ Herald.


Xpanda Security – NZ

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Image credit: NZ Herald