Security Bars: Keep Intruders Out, Keep You Safe

What are Window Bars and Why Are They Used?

Window bars provide an effective deterrent to would-be intruders, as they make it difficult to break in while also providing additional protection.

Window bars are made of steel and prevent burglars from entering through windows. They are recommended to be placed internally but can be installed externally if need be. (External has its downsides)

Why Choose Window Bars for Security?

  • They make it difficult for intruders to enter a building by breaking or opening a window. 
  • They are an effective way to deter criminals.
  • They give business owners peace of mind that their property is safe.
  • They are a practical and aesthetically pleasing.
  • They are designed to the specifics of each structure.
  • They can be powder coated to many different colours, they won’t stand out or seem out of place.

Types of Window Bars: Why Fixed Bars are the Best Option

Window bars come in various shapes and sizes. These include fixed, adjustable, hinged, and removable types. Xpanda only ever makes fixed window bars because they are the most reliable choice for protection, as they are permanently attached to the window frame with deep screws and cannot be taken out. 

These bars offer an excellent form of security as they provide a robust physical barrier that is highly resistant to any force, making it almost impossible for an intruder to break in.

Fixed window bars offer consistent protection for your business, as they remain in position all the time. Unlike removable bars, which are taken down when not in use, fixed bars provide ever-vigilant protection.

Fixed window bars will significantly increase the security of a building due to their sturdy construction and long lifespan.

Installation of Window Bars for Business Security

The most effective way to guarantee maximum protection for your residence or business is to have window bars professionally made and installed by Xpanda Security. This will ensure that you get the best security available. 

A qualified assessor will be able to evaluate your individual property needs and suggest the most ideal kind of window guards. Furthermore, we don’t leave the building without pointing out any other weaknesses you may not have realised, so you don’t end up with a half done job. 

Our expert installers ensure that the bars are correctly installed, adhering to all the area’s building standards and safety regulations. Their experience and expertise along with access to the right tools make them perfect for this job. We have the expertise to securely mount the bars onto the frame for maximum effectiveness and strength.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

It’s always better to be proactive when it comes to protecting your business security. Invest in fixed window bars now and feel confident in the security of your property. Reach out to our experienced installers for more information on your available options and how you can boost its safety.

Give Xpanda Security the opportunity to discuss your security requirements.