Could These Break-ins Have Been Stopped With Steel Security Grille Doors?

Crime Update New Zealand April 2021

It should not be this easy to steal from a highly protected mall, but all it took was a couple of bricks thrown through windows and thus entry was gained and these youngsters filled their swag-bags with gold.

Maybe some security grille doors or roller grilles would have been better used than whatever security was in place, steel security is always a struggle to get through.

Steel Security Grilles

Article By By: Melissa Nightingale NZ Herald reporter based in Wellington

Eight teenagers have appeared in court after an early morning burglary of two jewellery stores in Auckland.

Police received a report shortly before 2am today of a burglary at Albany Mall …

Eight people allegedly stole a “large amount of jewellery” before fleeing the scene in two vehicles. The value of what was stolen is not yet known

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