Are you looking to increase the security of your business premises? Then start with your doors. For many burglars, just the look of a sturdy door and evidence of security locks and door strengthening measures are enough to put them off. Let us talk you through some of the ways that you can increase your door security and avoid being the victim of commercial burglary.

How strong are your existing doors?

The doors to your business are the entry and exit ways to your stock, computers, money, staff and other valuables. If your doors are weak and without solid security locks, you are leaving your business you’re your employees vulnerable.
First off, begin by assessing your needs. It only takes a few minutes to look at your current doors and gauge how strong (or not) they are. For example, can you push them open with your bodyweight, are the hinges weak and is there any evidence of damage or wear and tear? Ask yourself if a burly burglar, hell-bent on getting their hands on your stock would be able to gain entry? If your door is not up to the job of protecting your products and your staff, you need to explore your options.

Upgrading your existing doors

If your current doors need reinforcing, Xpanda supplies and installs galvanised steel door sheets that add security and protection to your most vulnerable doors. The steel sheet (or skin) is cut to size and thickness depending on your needs and drilled and bolted through the door. For added protection, security pins in the hinges will automatically lock when the door closes, and an Anti-Jemmy strip (either included in the sheet or added separately) will prevent a burglar from prising-open the door.
What about your rear door? It’s not uncommon for businesses to open doors at the back of shops or buildings to increase ventilation and for staff to get outside access during break times. However, this ‘door open’ policy naturally comes with some security issues. Steel mesh screens solve this problem as they allow air to flow through the holes but are made of hot dipped galvanised steel to create a near impenetrable gate or door. Furthermore, the gaps in the mesh are too small for hands to pass things through or to be able to reach in and unlock. Are you worried that a steel mesh screen won’t fit in with your company branding? Xpanda can apply powder coating so that it ties in with your colour-scheme and they can also zinc-coat steel mesh gates and doors for extra environmental protection.

Add reinforcements to your current door

Perhaps your door is good quality, but you need to add or replace the existing security locks? Xpanda stocks a range of locks that will add to your security. For example, deadbolt locks are easy to install and use yet are extremely difficult to force open. For added strength, we recommend using two deadbolts on one door – top and bottom. In all likelihood, a potential burglar will see the double deadlocks and perceive a burglary as too tricky.

If you have double opening doors that sit side by side, a Hasp and Staple lock will secure them firmly. For extra protection, you could use two ADI locking bolts at the top and bottom of the door. If this sounds like a time-consuming amount of fiddly unlocking, do not despair; it’s possible to engage multiple locking points from just one position.

Finally, a drop bar, or security bar, is a tamper-proof piece of custom-built security furniture that keeps burglars on the outside of your property. Xpanda creates bespoke steel drop bars that will fit your existing door and jamb. As simple an invention as the drop bar is, it is incredibly effective at preventing people from entering from the outside. It is also safe for those on the inside as should there be an emergency; the drop bar is quickly and easily lifted out of place allowing you to exit.

Would you like to discuss your business’ security? Is it time to upgrade your existing doors with steel sheets? Need new locks? Speak to Xpanda today.

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