Security Doors & Grilles that work for Commercial Premises

If you are serious about protecting your business – you need to apply the concept of “security layering”. Physical barriers such as grilles, bars, steel doors and vehicle barriers act as the outermost layer of security and are the most important. They serve to prevent, or at least delay attacks, and also act as a psychological deterrent and make intrusions more difficult.

The first line of defence is preventing a ram raid. This is achieved by installing anti-ram beams or bollards.

To stop criminals entering the premises you need to have a barrier that not only puts up a visual deterrent but is also effective. There are a number of options available for storefront and commercial premises protection. Xpanda Security can consult on what works and offer a range of security doors and grilles that are effective. Some of the factors that need to be considered are:

  1. what is being protected (i.e. electronics, branded clothing, cigarettes, office servers and computers, etc.)
  2. strength of the construction framing supporting the windows and doors (i.e steel, timber)
  3. where the framing is situated in relation to the opening being protected
  4. egress and which entrances will be used to open and close the store
  5. budget is also an important consideration

Installing security doors or security grilles is often an afterthought during construction or only looked into after a burglary. A burglary or break-in can happen at any time after hours and therefore it is prudent to install security barriers as soon as possible.

The best time to plan the installation of security barriers is at the design stage of a new fitout or build of commercial premises. This allows adequate lead times to install the security grilles and bars before stock is in store or your business has moved in.

Retractable security grilles are a very popular solution for store fronts or reception areas. Welded fixed bars are suited for back or side windows.

An important part of the installation is to ensure the structure holding the security door or welded bars is very secure and the installer uses quality fixings. Over 95% of the premises that we visit after a burglary will have a monitored alarm system. Despite this, burglars know that they can break-in to unsecured premises and be well gone before the security guard can make it to the premises. This is where “layered security” fits in and physical security barriers prevent the burglary in the first place.

For peace of mind it is best to install security barriers to force the criminal to move on the easier target next door.

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