Anti-jump Screen

If you own a small customer-facing business like a dairy or retail store, you understand the importance of having an anti-jump screen. At Xpanda, we manufacture an anti-jump system with a cable to stop unauthorised access over counters to secure areas. These screens offer safety and at the same time, are visually pleasing and can match the look of your store.

Xpanda offers you some of the best security solutions in New Zealand. We offer not only anti-jump screens but also other security products like window bars and screen doorssteel doors, security gates and cages, and expanding doors and grilles. If you are a business owner, also check out our range of bollards and ram raid beamscommercial roller doors, grilles and shutters and custom-made security solutions.

We offer a hassle-free installation and after-sales service to ensure you’re always safe and satisfied with your security setup.

Give Xpanda Security the opportunity to discuss your security requirements.