Roller Door Lockdowns

  • Patented design
  • Restricts unauthorised access through the roller door
  • Hot dipped galvanised to prevent corrosion
  • 5mm thick steel laser cut box shaped housing
  • 12mm coach bolts connect the housing and a shielding plate
  • The eyebolt fixed in to the ground is M20
  • Removable eyebolt for unrestricted access
  • Can withstand 10 tonne of pressure
  • The shape of the housing prevents the padlock from being attacked
  • Insurance approved and recommended
  • Padlocks can be keyed to existing locks

Introducing the Roller Door Lock Downs

– the ultimate security solution for your roller door! Our Patented design locking system, RDF or Roller Door Lockdowns are normally attached to the bottom of roller doors to provide increased security and locking points to prevent the roller door from being forced open. When the roller door is in the closed position, the box housing fits over the eyebolt and a padlock is then locked through the eyebolt. The shape and design of the housing prevents the padlock from being attacked.

They could be used on home garage doors as added security while on vacation.

All components are made from steel and are hot dipped galvanised for corrosion resistance.

Features and Benefits of the Locking System

Our hot-dipped galvanisation prevents corrosion and keeps the locking system in excellent condition for years. In addition to this, we use a 5mm thick steel laser-cut box-shaped housing to provide optimal protection for your roller door. To further enhance the strength and durability of the housing and shielding plate, we connect them with 12mm coach bolts.

A high tensile eyebolt, which can be removed to allow unrestricted movement, and a threaded housing pack is secured to the concrete floor. Our locking system can withstand up to 10 tonnes of pressure, making it virtually impenetrable to even the most determined intruders. Our specially designed housing ensures that attackers cannot access the padlock, keeping your property safe and secure at all times.

Protection Against Intruders with the Roller Door Lock Down
In addition to its specially designed housing, our product offers several other features to enhance your property’s security.

Not only is the Roller Door Lock Down an effective security solution, it is also incredibly easy to install. With the M20 eyebolt fixed into the ground, the locking system will remain securely in place.

Invest in the Roller Door Lock Down today and enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your warehouse roller door or garage door is fully protected!

Why would you choose Roller Door Lockdowns?

Roller doors are often a weak point in a buildings security. If you’re already using Xpanda Security to provide a solution, then adding an RDF is a sensible choice because they are relatively cheap but very very effective. In combination with removeable bollards on the outside, Roller door lockdowns would complete the security needs of a roller door.

How many Roller Door Lockdowns would I need?

  • For Roller doors or garage doors up to 3m wide, One RDF would be enough
  • For Roller doors or garage doors up to 5m wide, Two RDF’s would be needed
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