Is your commercial property vulnerable to break-ins or intruders? Alternatively, do you need to control who has access to areas due to health and safety legislation? If so, it’s time to step up your security with roller shutters, an Expandoor, security barriers or steel gates. Let us talk you through the set-up, options and products available.

The Xpanda Rollerguard Pedestrian Barrier

Thieves might not be the only type of visitor you’d like to deter from your commercial property. If, for example, you need to cordon off an area of your store, workshop, site or factory, a security barrier is ideal. Rollerguard pedestrian barriers keep customers and staff safe by preventing entry into any areas for security, health or safety reasons.

Commonly used in workshops, building sites and roller door entrances, Xpanda’s pedestrian barrier can be fixed and hinged at one end and feature a drop catch lock at the other. Moving, extending and packing away the barrier is made easy with the concertina configuration and the caster wheels make it easy to pull out and to pack away. Sizes can differ depending on needs with 1.5m or 2m in height.

Trolley system – fully removable

It’s possible that you might need a movable barrier allowing you to block pedestrians off from a number of different places. If so, Xpanda can custom-make trolley systems with interlocking facilities that are not restricted by fixings to walls.

Although it is sturdy and robust, the trolley system moves quickly, thanks to caster wheels and its lightweight materials.

The trolley system is ideal for occasions when you want to move your cordon in shopping malls, building sites or factories and for packing away when not in use.

Xpanda Security can also powder coat your pedestrian barrier to match your branding and provide a variety of locking options.


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Ideal for storefronts, an Expandoor is a strong visual deterrent suitable for commercial properties at transport hubs, shopping centres and any area of a shop or workplace that needs a secure method of cordoning off.

The Expandoor is the only one of its kind to be manufactured in New Zealand and produced to cope with New Zealand’s conditions. Made from steel, the high-security trellis door can be powder coated to the colour of your choice; so, if your branding is bright yellow – it’s no problem.

The strength of the door is not to be underestimated, which is quite something considering how easy it is to use. The Expandoor can be rolled out and extended with ease, thanks to the tracking. It also glides away effortlessly and without taking up too much valuable floor space. In fact, it packs away to 15% of its locked size and the floor tracking can also be taken up to avoid taking up extra space.

Bespoke to your needs, an Expandoor offers the perfect mix of being a strong deterrent (enough to resist a violent attack) yet does not come with the worry of needing regular maintenance. Because it can be powder coated, it is possible to make it match your brand colours.


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Steel Gates

Would your commercial property benefit from steel gates? Xpanda Security will custom-make and install steel gates to fit your requirements. Not only are steel gates a visual deterrent, should anyone try to force them, they will discover that they are also fully welded.

Depending on your needs, Xpanda will produce and install steel gates for pedestrian entry, driveways and other points of entry. Steel gates are available in either solid steel or bars of different strengths, depending on your requirements.

Other options to consider are whether your doors should be hinged or sliding and if they need to be powder coated to match any of your company colours, visuals or branding.



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Aluminium Roller Shutter

If you own commercial property in a mall, transport hub, car parks, an arcade or a bar, you will benefit from the added security of an aluminium roller shutter.

Xpanda Security’s roller shutters are made to fit any size opening. Made from heavy-duty aluminium, the doors are durable yet lightweight allowing them to move up and down with ease. The doors are highly visible and therefore, a good deterrent against any unwanted forced entry.

Going the extra mile, Xpanda fits nylon end caps to stop any unwanted movement in the tracks and reduce any wear, tear and friction.

Want to go one step further? The roller shutter can be motorised and fitted with double sided deadlocks and internal thrum turn locks (if used as a fire escape).


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