Security doors not only stop a burglar from entering your commercial property – they can put them off even trying. When it comes to your commercial security, displaying an impenetrable façade is half of the battle. Let us explain.

Why use security doors?

Xpanda’s steel security doors are installed and fitted by experts. This means that they fit your doorway exactly and are fully welded into position so that they cannot be prised or forced. The sheer strength of the steel, with options to galvanise and colour coat to match your branding, would mean that a thief trying to break-in would have to spend valuable time trying to cut through the steel to enter. Not only are they unlikely to have the proper tools, but the noise that a steel cutter would make is likely to draw attention.

We can’t emphasise enough how much of the battle against unwanted intruders is making sure that your commercial property looks protected. From the outset, a thief will see a steel security door and begin to wonder what other security measures are in place. Will they find cameras? Alarms? Will they be able to access inner doors? The list is endless.

What are steel security doors?

So tough are security doors that they are regularly recommended and sometimes required by insurers. Insurer approved, Xpanda’s steel doors are built onto a welded tube frame with cross bracing. We then weld a 3mm steel skin onto the frame and an anti-jemmy strip onto the lock side to prevent the door from being prised open.

The door hinges feature pins that are also welded into place and lock inside the jamb frame when the door is closed. On top of this, it’s possible to fit a range of different locks, depending on your requirements. We can fit deadbolts, code locks and other locking options onto your door when we install.

Some people ask us whether a steel door can withstand weathering. We offer corrosion proofing for our steel security doors to put customer’s minds at rest.

Knowing that your door can weather both would-be attacks and the elements is part and parcel of the best in commercial security.

Do security doors screen you from break-ins?

Of course, no two commercial properties are the same, and so needs will differ. Some business owners have open-fronted shopfronts in arcades, transport hubs and shopping centres. This means that even when the outer doors to the centre are locked, their commercial property is vulnerable. Once a thief breaks in, they will be free to loot. Security doors screen solutions include trellis and mesh.

Xpanda’s range of trellis is the perfect answer to this problem. The trellis is made of super tough steel and custom-made to fit your doorway. The Expandoor, as its name suggests, is a security doors screen that stretches to fit your doorway or space, but also folds away to 15% of its full size. The tracking is removable during trading hours. As the Expandoor stacks away so neatly, shopowners avoid having to lose valuable floor space. Expandoor is also the only trellis door that is manufactured in New Zealand, meaning it is made to withstand all conditions.

Constructed from steel, we can powder coat the trellis to match your branding or design colours. We can also match the locking system on the trellis to any that you currently use. Or, replace your locks to a more efficient and effective locking system.

Steel mesh doors and gates are an option for emergency exits, indoors and outdoors. The design means that hands and goods cannot fit through the gaps but still allows a user to see to the other side. Importantly, the door can be locked and unlocked from the inside with a quick and easy to use thumb turn lock. However, the thumb lock remains unreachable from the other side.

All steel mesh is installed and fully welded into position to prevent forced entry. The steel is also hot-dip galvanised (for external use) to protect against the elements. As well as steel mesh gates and doors, Xpanda can also produce steel bar doors and gates.

Is it time for you to think about installing steel security doors in your commercial property? Ask yourself, do you want to protect your valuables? Is your property currently impenetrable? Moreover, are your current security measures enough to put off any would-be burglars?

If you need help or advice on your commercial security or to discuss fitting security doors, please contact Xpanda.

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