Want to know the ins and outs of commercial security? Let Xpanda set you straight.

Unfortunately, burglary and theft of commercial properties are all too familiar. Why? Thieves target business properties as they know that within those four walls lie valuable goods. On top of this, whereas homes are in busy and populated residential areas, commercial properties tend to be in non-residential areas and therefore, not populated 24/7.

How good is your commercial security?

Just because you haven’t been a victim already, doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. Commercial security is something that all business owners need to nail, to avoid becoming the next statistic. Security doors, solid steel security doors, mesh screens, grilles and window bars are some of the measures that you can take to deter and prevent a break-in. These security additions are not only for your peace of mind but are often required by insurers.

The key to choosing the most effective commercial security is finding the products that suit your premises’ needs and that can stand-up to any unwanted tampering or forced entry. Furthermore, your commercial security need look so impenetrable that a burglar won’t even consider trying to force entry in the first-place.

Steel security doors and mesh screens

The trained and qualified team at Xpanda will discuss your commercial security needs. One such way is to install a steel security door. Security doors are an excellent example of a security measure acting as a deterrent. The solid steel looks so strong that it will likely deter a would-be thief at first glance.

Xpanda builds security doors onto a welded frame with an anti-jemmy strip on the lock side. Depending on your needs, it’s possible to install a variety of locks including deadbolts and code locks that we can fit when we install your security door.

Other commercial security products include steel mesh screens; particularly useful for commercial properties’ entrance doors, steel cages or machinery lock-ups. Xpanda makes and installs a bespoke-fit frame and observes which lock, handle, and closers best fit the door’s purpose. Once designed, we will cut the frame and steel mesh and weld it into position. It is possible to galvanise the mesh before installation. Steel mesh screens offer added protection from attempted break-ins.

Locks and bolts

Your commercial security will benefit from solid, tamper-proof locks. Often, these locks are enough to put off thieves as the time taken to force entry is not worth the risk of getting caught. Xpanda will fit High-Security locks to any existing or new doors.

A popular lock for commercial security protection is the deadbolt. When the deadbolt locks a pin passes through the lock mechanism and into the jamb. Alternatively, we will fit two ADI locking bolts (top and bottom of the door) to one or double doors for added security. The final option is a Hasp and Staple lock, more commonly used for double doors. This lock holds both doors together. Of course, many customers choose to go above and beyond the ‘standard’ requirements and add additional locks wherever they feel their property is the most vulnerable.

Security grilles and trellis

Expanding security grilles and trellis are an option if your commercial property is in a vulnerable position overnight, such as storefronts in shopping centres or transport hubs. The trellis is a strong visual deterrent and a well as gliding smoothly into place it also stacks away neatly when not in use. Importantly, Xpanda installs trellis and grilles that are approved by insurance companies; something that you need to consider when it comes to your commercial security choices.

Of course, you need to look at your security around all of your property. One area that gets overlooked is the emergency exits. Although used rarely, a weak emergency door will provide an easy entry and exit method for thieves.

The Double Diamond Retractable Grille with a thumb-turn lock creates a strong and near impenetrable security door for emergency exits. With a firmly constructed lattice and shielding plate, both made of steel, the door can be quickly unlocked from the inside but near-impossible to enter from outside. In fact, it is designed to prevent forced entry and smash and grab style raids.

Window bars

Window bars add an extra layer of protection to your windows and are recommended by insurers. Xpanda custom fits steel bars to commercial properties using a frame and brace, then welds them to the inside or outside of your windows. As bars are close together, it’s unlikely a burglar, no matter how determined, will force them apart.

Why not stand back and look at your current security measures. Are they enough to keep out burglars? Do they need maintaining or replacing? Checking the effectiveness of your existing security measures is a must. For help, advice about your commercial security, please contact Xpanda.

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