Flexible Solutions: Exploring Expandable Barriers for Safety

At Xpanda, we’re all about robust security solutions to suit any kind of venue. Sometimes, the most important aspect of a barrier isn’t its heavy-duty nature but its flexibility. That’s where our high-quality expandable barrier comes in. Designed to be visible, flexible, and mobile, this is the ideal choice when exploring expandable barriers for safety  when you have dynamic work occurring on-site.

Prevent customers from wandering into dangerous spaces in hybrid storefronts or warehouses without inhibiting your workers’ egress. Read on as we explore the Rollerguard Expandable Safety Barrier, including how it fits into WorkSafe obligations, the benefits of this security solution, and further recommendations for safely cordoning off high-traffic zones.

The Ultimate Way to Create a Safe Zone

In New Zealand, on-site health and safety compliance requires public access to be cordoned off where worksite vehicles are in operation. This ensures customers won’t stray into areas where health and safety procedures are in place, as they won’t know the required safety measures, which may open them up to potential incidents or injuries.

Worksafe discusses how creating a safe zone for customers “can be done with barriers, signage, and a store layout that keeps customers away from high traffic areas unless they have a specific purpose to be there”.

For business owners with multi-purpose venues that include workshop or storage spaces, temporary barriers are a must-have. Permanent barriers are fairly effective in this instance, but they may restrict workers’ access to vital areas.

In that case, temporary, highly visible barriers are the best port of call. That’s where Xpanda’s Expandable Barriers come in.

Measures for Customer Safety

On top of installing a visible barrier to create a safe zone for customers, WorkSafe recommends business or site owners take the following precautions:

  •       Installing clear signs or markings to show where parking is and is not available for customers
  •       For loading and unloading zones, actioning a policy that asks customers to stay in their vehicles until work is complete
  •       Ensuring children are not allowed into high-traffic areas where work is occurring
  •       Providing training for your staff to ensure they are able to clearly communicate these policies to customers while the barriers are up

Meet the Expandable Barrier

The Expanda Rollerguard Expandable Barriers are cost-effective, versatile, and visible. From building sites to warehouse doorways, these barriers are at home in a variety of situations.

Choose between 1.5 metre and 2 metre styles, with widths of up to nine metres for large warehouse-style doors or wide pathways. This is the ultimate temporary security solution, featuring drop-catch locks and three potential areas of fixation (face fix, sill fix, and end wall fix).

Ideal sites:

  •       Warehouse roller door openings and docking bays
  •       Blocking off kiosks
  •       Cordoning off factory spaces
  •       Building and road work site entrances
  •       Shops, malls, and dairy aisles with re-stocking occurring
  •       Walkways and pathways that still require full access

Benefits of Using an Xpanda Rollerguard Barrier

H3: Easy Setup and Pack Down

With temporary barriers, setup and packing down must be quick and easy. Expandable barriers like the Xpanda Rollerguard are constructed in a concertina configuration, allowing them to expand and contract as needed. Paired with the built-in castor wheels, these barriers are very easy to move around as needed.

They also fold away to just 10% of their original size for easy storage, ensuring they don’t create a tripping hazard while not in use.

High Visibility

One of the most important qualities of a pedestrian barrier is high visibility. Generally speaking, if pedestrians can see a brightly-coloured barrier, this will be enough to deter them from trying to walk through. When working with Xpanda, customers can choose any Dulux Power-coating colour for maximum visibility.

Robust and Lockable

Made from durable aluminium square tubing, the expandable barriers from Xpanda come with both left and right locking. This means they can be securely locked via drop catch to important doorways, preventing unaware customers from coming through.

Though they are not designed to stand up to major damage, these have a robust construction that makes them an ideal barrier to pedestrian traffic.

Mobile and Flexible

Suitable for doorways of various sizes, expandable barriers are easy to move and set up. This allows you to cordon off different spaces depending on the day’s operations, no matter the size of the doorway you’re blocking.

The Xpanda Expanding Barrier has a width of up to nine metres, offering a secure and visible way to cordon off large warehouse spaces quickly. The barrier also comes equipped with castor wheels for easy operation.

When it comes to meeting your WorkSafe obligations, this pedestrian barrier is a cost-effective solution that won’t hamper your productivity. Ensure customers are kept safe, and your record is kept incident-free by investing in the Rollerguard Expandable Safety Barrier.

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