Business Security Solutions: Enhancing Protection with Aluminium Roller Shutters

Last year, thefts and other related offences were the most common crimes by far across the country, outstripping all other categories by a city mile. From jewellery stores to pharmacies, businesses all over New Zealand have been contending with strings of robberies, burglaries, and ram raids. As security concerns continue growing, it pays to seek robust, versatile security solutions.

One of our repertoire’s most versatile business security solutions is the highly practical aluminium roller door. With a heavy-duty design applicable to a wide range of security situations, this roller door is an ideal choice for commercial property owners of all kinds.

Considering refurbishing your on-site security? Read on as the experts from Xpanda Security review one of our most well-loved solutions, the sturdy aluminium roller door.

The Benefits of Using Aluminium Roller Doors

Heavy Duty Protection

Renowned for their robust construction, aluminium roller doors can provide a formidable barrier against would-be intruders. Thanks to their unique combination of flexibility and durability, these doors are excellent for withstanding forced entry attempts.

Modern aluminium roller doors like the Xpanda models come equipped with reinforced locking mechanisms, further boosting their security potential. From warehouses to storefronts, aluminium roller doors are a reliable choice for defence.

Xpanda offers a Roller Door lock-down system for added heavy-duty protection. Designed to stand up to ten tonnes of pressure, this is ideal for businesses or residences looking to protect against ram raids and levering attacks to the door.

Highly Visible

Interestingly, the visibility of security measures makes a big difference. Generally speaking, the more visible a security measure is, the more likely it is to deter potential incoming criminals. Aluminium roller shutters excel in this aspect, presenting a highly visual, heavy deterrent to would-be intruders.

Roller doors are prominently visible enough to act as a deterrent. That said, these sleek doors won’t bring down the look of your property.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Installing a roller door is one of the simplest, most robust security choices you can make for your property. Thanks to its long-lasting construction approach, it also promises you years of protection – including from New Zealand winters’ lashing rain and wind.

On top of that, aluminium shutters are very easy to maintain. A quick hose down every few months is all you need to keep these doors in peak condition.

Day-to-day, these shutters are also very easy to use. Whether you choose a manual style or a motorised style of door, it’s a matter of a few seconds to open or close this robust rolling shutter. For opening and closing shifts, this makes a big difference.

Versatile Application

Finally, aluminium roller doors are a classic choice for a variety of venues. These doors easily slot into many spaces, from storefronts in malls to on-street stores, garages, arcades, or even as a barrier for bar counters. This is particularly beneficial for business owners who own franchises, as you can simultaneously invest in appropriate security doors for all your venues.

With all these benefits in the line-up, it’s clear that the roller door is an excellent choice for enhancing your security. The next question is: which roller door is for you?

Meet the Xpanda Security Aluminium Roller Door

Xpanda Security has been in the asset protection business for twenty-five years. Of the full suite of our physical security products, our aluminium roller doors are one of the best choices for New Zealand businesses seeking visible, robust security doors. We recommend this door for a variety of applications, including mall shopfronts, car parks, arcades, bar counters, and more.

Here’s what you need to know about the Xpanda aluminium roller shutter:

  •       Ultra secure. This is a heavy-duty solution designed to go the distance, featuring a 2-way double-sided deadlock and robust horizontal aluminium slats.
  •       Smooth and quiet. With nylon end caps and flared side rails, this door is designed to prevent lateral movement, thus providing a quieter operation.
  •       Long-lasting. The lack of lateral movement also prevents high-friction movement, thus reducing wear and tear.
  •       Motorised movement. Eschew manual opening and closing in favour of the more convenient motorised mechanism to make life a lot easier.

On top of all of that, enjoy custom sizing to fit openings of any size. The better the door fits your premises, the more secure the solution will be. Because we manufacture all our products, we can offer tailored sizing. Therefore, we can provide you with complete protection and the ultimate peace of mind.

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Xpanda Security offers a full suite of physical security products, including professional installation at your location for maximum security. We also provide free security assessments, recommendations, and custom design and manufacturing for bespoke security solutions.

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