Strategies to Safeguard Your Business Against Ram Raids

In recent years, Auckland businesses have been dealing with an increasing number of ram raids. This type of burglary results in significant property damage while also posing a significant risk to the safety of employees and customers. Luckily, local business owners can safeguard their property against ram raids in many ways.

In this article, the Xpanda team will explore some excellent strategies to safeguard your business against ram raids, including the installation of anti-ram bollards.

Understanding Ram Raids

According to the New Zealand Police, a ram raid refers to the attempted entry into a business for the purposes of robbery, using a vehicle as the method of entry. 

While ram raids are not their own unique offence, New Zealand Police have been recording instances of ram raids since April of 2017. Overall, retail crime – including these raids – is estimated to cost New Zealand businesses over $1 billion each year, not to mention having a significant personal impact on anyone working at the business itself.

Both small local retailers and larger chains have been historically affected by ram raids. The speed and force of the attacks make them particularly dangerous and damaging, both financially and emotionally for any business that has to endure them.

As this type of attack escalates, it’s important for businesses to consider the ways they can prevent them.

Strategies to Safeguard Your Business Against Ram Raids

Install Visible Security Cameras

High-quality security cameras can serve multiple purposes once they’re installed. For one thing, they give you the ability to monitor activity around your premises and provide valuable evidence in case of an incident.

Aside from that, well-placed security cameras are also excellent deterrents. Criminals are far less likely to ram raid if they see the potential for getting caught on camera. Therefore, when installing cameras, it’s important to strategically choose spots that will give you the best view of your premises while also clearly indicating the presence of these cameras.

Utilise Lighting

One of the easiest ways to contribute to your business’ safety is to install adequate lighting around your property. During store hours, proper lighting can discourage intruders by increasing visibility and reducing hiding spots. After hours, it’s a different story.

Strategically-placed motion lights or timed lights can create the illusion of someone’s presence in the store at night. Motion sensor lights in particular will alert you to any suspicious activity, especially when paired with a camera system.

Invest in a Good Alarm System

There’s a lot to be said for investing in a high-quality alarm system! An alarm system will not only quickly alert you to any break-ins, but will also alert the police. The faster the police are informed, the more likely they are to catch any criminals in the act, so choosing a responsive and robust alarm system is paramount to your business’ safety.

Consider Upgrading Your Doors

Your building’s entrances are natural weak spots in the structure. By their very design, they’re supposed to let people in, not keep them out. For safety after hours, it pays to reinforce these vulnerabilities with security gates, roll-down shutters, or reinforced doors.

Not only are these helpful for delaying intruders if they try to break in, but they can also be an excellent visual deterrent.

Install Anti-Ram Bollards or Ram-Raid Beams

Finally, when it comes to ram raids specifically, one of the most effective measures you can take is to install anti-ram bollards or ram-raid beams on your property. These heavy duty posts are designed to stand up to high-speed impacts – the kind that characterise ram raids. This effectively prevents vehicles from entering your building.

In ram raids, criminals rely on the vehicle to break the door, walls, and windows in so that they can gain access. With these barriers placed a safe distance from the door, they won’t be able to gain access even with this destructive technique. On top of being a physical barrier, anti-ram bollards can also reduce the risk of ram raids by visually deterring would-be burglars.

Ram raids are an unfortunate reality that many Auckland businesses must now contend with. They pose a serious threat to businesses of all sizes. However, the right security measures can minimise risk and protect assets.

Investing in a variety of security enhancements – from alarm system to security cameras – are all effective ways to deter these attacks or help ensure conviction should one occur. That said, nothing is more effective at preventing a ram raid than anti-ram measures designed specifically to stop incoming vehicles.

Safeguard your business, enjoy peace of mind, and keep crime at bay with this easily-installed solution.

Install anti-ram bollards or ram-raid beams with help from the Xpanda team.

At Xpanda, we’ve been helping Auckland businesses stay safe for over twenty-five years. We’re here to help you safeguard your business against ram raids with our range of anti-ram measures, including bars and bollards.

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