Safety First: The Importance of Investing in Pedestrian Barriers

Health and safety compliance is a major part of owning a business, no matter the size or type of the enterprise you manage. WorkSafe is the major driver of this compliance in New Zealand, asking businesses to clearly delineate safe areas for pedestrians while restricting access for unauthorised personnel into dangerous areas.

Whether you’re re-stocking aisles or blocking warehouse entryways, you need a versatile barrier solution that will easily slot into your business. Enter: the pedestrian barrier. In this post, we’ll review everything you need to know about the pedestrian barrier and why investing in this solution is important for your business’s health and safety.

What is a Pedestrian Barrier?

A pedestrian barrier, also known as a crowd control barrier, is a physical barrier designed to manage the flow of foot traffic. It is usually made from durable materials like steel, aluminium, or plastic. The primary purpose of a pedestrian barrier is to create a defined, safe pathway for pedestrians to walk while restricting access to certain areas where they might come to harm. That’s especially true in public spaces.

Not all pedestrian barriers are made the same. Some are designed to be permanent, anchored by concrete into the ground as a way to direct foot traffic away. There are also more temporary solutions, like our expandable barriers, designed to accommodate your needs.

The Xpanda Expandable Pedestrian Barrier

Our expandable pedestrian barrier is the ultimate versatile option for Kiwi businesses looking to stay health and safety compliant. Designed for a variety of applications, these barriers are made from 25mm square aluminium tubing and powder-coated for maximum visibility. Their lightweight design ensures they’re easy to shift into place, and the lockable swivel castor wheels help with this, too.

Here are just some of the features that make our expandable barriers a stand-out favourite in our security range:

  •       20-year proven design that stands up against the variable NZ environment.
  •       Lightweight and manoeuvrable.
  •       Features a steel drop-latch to lock onto doorways for maximum deterrence.
  •       Can easily be hinged out of the way for authorised employees making their way onto the site.
  •       Accordion-style construction makes them easy to expand and contract to fit the width of different doorways.

With our years of experience, we’ve designed this barrier to be flexible, robust, and easy to use as part of your business’s daily routine. After all, that’s what makes a barrier like this genuinely useful!

Where Pedestrian Barriers are Applicable

Generally speaking, pedestrian barriers are celebrated for their versatility. They’re useful for directing foot traffic, which can look like deterring pedestrians away from hazardous areas, creating defined spots for people to queue, or even helping factory or warehouse workers delineate safe zones for walking.

  •       Warehouse roller doors and docking bays.
  •       Cordoning off factory spaces.
  •       Building site entrances.
  •       Shop, mall, or dairy aisles.
  •       Health and safety compliance in pedestrian areas.

The Benefits of Investing in Pedestrian Barrier Solutions

Investing in a pedestrian barrier – especially an expandable one – comes with a wide array of potential benefits if you’re striving to be health and safety compliant.

  •       Enhanced safety. Pedestrian barriers allow you to create clear pathways and designated zones, preventing accidents, collisions, or overcrowding in public spaces.
  •       Improved crowd management. Whether it’s controlling queues, managing crowds at events, or directing foot traffic in retail environments, pedestrian barriers facilitate efficient crowd management, ensuring a smooth flow of people.
  •       Compliance with regulations. As we covered earlier, health and safety regulations require that pedestrians are carefully sequestered away from areas where they might be harmed. Pedestrian barriers are a simple, easy way to proactively adhere to these guidelines and protect public health.
  •       Customer confidence. Any business that cares for the safety of its customers and workers instils inherent confidence in anyone who enters it. Having a visible handle on safety fosters positive brand perception, encouraging repeat business.
  •       Flexibility and adaptability. Most importantly, expandable pedestrian barriers are extremely customisable, making them adaptable to various environments and uses. Whether you need to create defined queue lines, create temporary barriers, or cordon off dangerous zones, the pedestrian barrier will meet that need.

Ultimately, investing in a pedestrian barrier isn’t just a matter of staying compliant. This simple, cost-effective step is a proactive way to ensure your customers and workers are safe and comfortable. As health and safety regulations continue to evolve, having a versatile solution like this is a major asset.

No matter what industry you work in—from warehousing to retail—a flexible pedestrian barrier should be in your equipment stash. The Xpanda team is here to help with your selection when in doubt.

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