Why Window Bars On The Outside Is Not Okay

This is why Xpanda never recommends putting window bars on the outside.
It would appear from this @newshubnz article that the theives simply tied a rope or chain on and pulled them away.

The article doesnt mention the specific site but its a safe guess they were outside bars for this to be possible.  Xpanda always recommends putting them on the inside for a number of reasons with this being one of them.
The most effective way to guarantee maximum protection for your business is to have window bars professionally made and installed by Xpanda Security. This will ensure that you get the best security available.
A qualified assessor will be able to evaluate your individual property needs and suggest the most ideal kind of window guards. Furthermore, we don’t leave the building without pointing out any other weaknesses you may not have realised, so you don’t end up with a half done job.
Our expert installers ensure that the bars are correctly installed, adhering to all the area’s building standards and safety regulations. Their experience and expertise along with access to the right tools make them perfect for this job. We have the expertise to securely mount the bars onto the frame for maximum effectiveness and strength.

Credit: Newshub NZ

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