When it comes to burglar-proofing your business property, your first port of call should be your deterrents. Instead of hoping to catch thieves in the act you want to put them off even trying. So, are security cameras the best way to reduce crime or do security doors, bars and steel mesh screens work better? Let’s look.

What are the pros of security cameras?

There are many advantages to adding security cameras to your business premises. First off, they are easily distinguishable and could be enough to deter thieves before they even attempt to break in.

Not only do security cameras act as a strong deterrent to thieves and vandals, but should the worst happen, you will have evidence to support your insurance claims and to assist the police. If your footage is clear, and the cameras pointed in the right direction, you will have your evidence. If there is an incident, you can use the footage to review your current security and address where to improve measures.

Another advantage to security cameras is that they provide a 24/7 eye on all activity that takes place in and around your business space. To ensure this is the case, you will need to point the cameras at all of your entrance and exits points. Inside the business space, you should install cameras near offices, storage areas and at payment points.

What are the cons of security cameras?

Despite the advantages, security cameras aren’t as much of a deterrent to criminals as you might think. In the USA, researchers at the University of North Carolina asked convicted thieves if surveillance cameras were enough to deter them from breaking into a property – only 60% questioned said they were*.

Why aren’t cameras as effective? First off, security cameras rely on electricity. So, what happens when there’s a power cut or a thief tampers with wires? Being so vulnerable and reliant on power means that you either have to invest in a backup generator to ensure your security is still infallible or opt for expensive battery or solar-powered systems instead. In the case of a thief being handy with wire-cutters, the only option is to install cameras in hard-to-reach places (which are also hard for you to reach).

When a criminal is dead-set on breaking into your business premises, they also have the motivation and the means to beat your security cameras. First off, they will disarm your cameras, so they no longer work. Another way around the system is to wear a disguise or something over their face. Lastly, they might choose to break in and then steal the film footage (along with your money and goods). In the case of the latter example, it’s, therefore, a good idea to keep recordings at a different location.

Another disadvantage of security cameras is the expense of the initial installation and upkeep. As mentioned above, you will need to have cameras installed at all entry and exit points as well as internally. The cost does not end there, however, as you will need to pay for regular maintenance and any 24/7 monitoring service that you use.

Finally, it’s ironic, but security cameras are expensive items and are therefore attractive to thieves!

What are your security alternatives?

Yes, security cameras do add a deterrent factor to thieves targeting your business property, but they are not as strong or as impenetrable as steel security doors or steel mesh screen.

Solid steel doors instantly discourage thieves from targeting your property, purely through the fact that they are near-on impassable. To attempt to cut through a solid steel door would be sheer lunacy as the time, energy and tools required would see the burglar arrested before they’d made a dent in the door.

Secondly, a strong deterrent such as a steel door or a steel mesh screen will make the thief second-guess what other security measures you have in place behind the doors. In all cases, you want to deter thieves from even trying to enter your property.

Finally, dollar for dollar, steel doors, steel bars and steel mesh screens are a more cost-effective measure regarding your security. As they are incredibly durable, they will last for decades without need of any replacement. Solid steel gates, bars, doors and screens do not require any batteries or power yet still offer 24/7 and 365 security, regardless of power or weather conditions. Moreover, let’s not forget, they don’t require expensive subscriptions to security companies either.

Do you want to deter thieves? Do you need to strengthen your security in a simple yet highly effective way? Steel doors, bars and mesh screens are the answer. Call us today to discuss your needs and how we can help keep your business safe.

* University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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