Why you should focus on Improving External Security

If you think installing security gates, surveillance cameras and external lighting to protect your commercial property are over the top, think again. In 2016, the NZ Herald undertook a series of investigations into burglaries. The findings revealed a growing number of break-ins and thefts taking place all over the country with the number at commercial properties and industrial zones a particular cause for concern.

So, what can you do to protect your livelihood, deter burglars from attempting to enter and improve your external security? Read on…

Light up externally and internally

No burglar wants to be seen. Install lights at all entry and exit points to your commercial property. While good exterior lighting will deter burglars from entering, make sure the inside of the premises is also well lit, regardless of the hour. Ideally, people will be able to see into your property and also be able to see out. It’s therefore essential to check that windows are clear and not blocked by blinds, curtains, posters or cupboards.

Steel gates

You want to put in security measures that will stop a thief from breaking-in. Even better, something that will deter them from even trying. Steel gates are durable and reliable and can be designed to suit your individual needs with different openings (hinged or sliding) and locking options. Depending on your needs, security gates can be produced in bars or solid panels and even made in colours to match your business logo and branding.


Be vigilant and regularly and check all the doors to your premises. Be on the lookout for signs of attempted entry. If you have doors or gates at the back of your commercial property, these should be heavy and solid and, if possible, without any glass (you can always install a peephole). As well as steel gates, Xpanda also produces steel and mesh doors.


If it’s a way in (or out) lock it. For security reasons, anything that opens needs to have a lock on it which includes all of your doors, windows (including skylights), roof entry and gates. Regularly check your locks and bolts to make sure they are working correctly and that no tampering has occurred.


Are your windows secure? Ideally, windows should be unreachable from the outside of your property. If you open windows during the day, install security locks that fix them in one position. Before leaving the premises, check that all windows are closed and locked and that you have removed any ladders, steps, boxes or anything that could help a burglar reach up or climb onto the roof.

Use an alarm system

It makes sense to have an alarm system professionally installed to protect your property with sensors at all entry and exit points. Even better, get an alarm system that includes a monitoring service for out of business hours. Please don’t forget to advertise the fact that you have an alarm; the signs are a deterrent in themselves.


Keep the number of keys to your premises, registers, alarms and other expensive or vulnerable items to the minimum. The more keys you have floating around, the more likely they are to fall into the wrong hands. As an added security measure you can have ‘do not copy’ engraved onto your primary keys.

Is your safe?

Don’t be shy, advertise the fact that you do not keep large quantities of money on the premises. Ideally, a safe will be attached to the floor and hidden somewhere out of sight.

Who is following you?

It’s not uncommon for thieves to follow a worker into a building. Security gates and secure doors will prevent this from happening. However, despite your best efforts, it’s essential that your staff are made aware of this tactic and that they understand the importance of remaining vigilant about closing security gates and doors behind them.

Video surveillance

Lastly, install security cameras at entry points, external gates and inside your premises and make sure that they are working. Thorough maintenance of your cameras and recording equipment will ensure that you get clear footage, should there ever be an incident.

Give Xpanda Security the opportunity to discuss your security requirements.