How to make your Commercial Premises more Secure

How effective is your workplace security? With thieves specifically targeting NZ’s businesses, it’s time to fight back with hard-hitting deterrents such as security doors, fences and screens.

You might be wondering why it’s not enough to use a tough deadbolt or sturdy window locks? While these security measures are useful, they won’t stop a determined thief. If your workplace holds something of value then eventually a thief will return with the method and tools to cut chains, break locks and prise open windows.

Security doors, fences and screen doors, on the other hand, are highly visible and send an instant message to any potential burglars. As strong and durable as they are, steel doors and solid gates work twofold: as a deterrent and as an insurmountable obstacle.

With such a robust visual deterrent in place, you can add further protection by employing these common-sense security measures…

  1. Lock all doors and windows when leaving the property
  2. Install security lights both outside and inside the building
  3. Educate all staff members to close security doors behind them and not to leave rear doors open or unlatched
  4. Pack away ladders, stools and anything that could be used to reach or climb
  5. Maintain cameras and check the performance
  6. Use an alarm system and monitor 24/7
  7. Fix a safe to the floor and in a position that is out of sight
  8. Keep keys to a minimum – only give to a few trusted employees

So, rather than become another statistic in the growing crime against commercial properties, build deterrents from the ground up.

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