How to Solve Security Issues in the Workplace

Workplace security & what you can do

Recent studies have shown that workplace theft is on the rise, with retail theft alone costing New Zealand more than $1.2 billion dollars annually. Organised and high-tech criminal groups are targeting both high-value retailers and small businesses, with a cost of around $700 per household per year. In light of these facts, those owning their own business should focus more on theft prevention and solving workplace security issues.

Keeping the burglar out is the key. While installing sturdy deadbolt locks that are very difficult to pick, or bars on your rear doors and over windows and skylights can help, ultimately more visible physical security deterrents work best, and are generally the most inexpensive way to protect your business and your merchandise long-term.

Security screen doors, retractable grilles, window bars and screens, solid steel gates and security doors, bollards, ram beams, anti-jump screens and roller grilles and shutters, when installed correctly, have all been proven to be very effective against burglaries, including ram raids.

Extra security precautions can help, such as bolting any safes you have to the floor, owning an alarm system, and installing break-proof external and internal lighting. Keep concise records of who has keys to lock and unlock doors, and remind employees who have keys to be careful with them at all times.

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