Preventative Security vs Reactive security for shops?

Preventative security and Reactive security are two very different approaches to protecting shops from security threats.

Preventative security solutions aim to prevent security threats from occurring in the first place. This is achieved by implementing various measures to deter or prevent potential threats, such as installing security gates, bars, bollards and extra locks. The goal of preventative security is to identify and address potential security risks before they become actual security incidents.

On the other hand, Reactive security solutions are designed to respond to security incidents after they occur. This includes measures such as security alarms, fog cannons, cameras, emergency response plans – not to mention the long painful incident reporting procedures. Reactive security solutions DO NOT do much to deter criminals from attacking your business – why? Because they know that even if they are caught, nothing will happen to them anyway…

Overall, preventative security solutions focus on preventing security incidents from occurring, while both approaches are important and can be used in combination to create a comprehensive security strategy for a shop.

We have learned that having preventative security in place, the cost is much lower in the end. Most break-ins we see are not the first one and the business owner has the prospect of insurance costs going through the roof.

Unfortunately, it’s a matter of WHEN, not IF. Government data showed 886 ram-raid incidents in 2022 – one every ten hours.! Countless times we have been to a business to quote, and nothing ends up being done in a proactive sense. Before long, we’re asked back to quote again because they have had a break-in – and OMG what a mess.

Any business owner who has had any kind of break-in will tell you that the cost a ram raid or burglary far outweighs the cost of putting measures in place before they do. Insurance, Glass, New Joinery, money stolen, product stolen, damaged shopfittings, the clean-up, time not open for business – are just some of the costs.

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