Removable Bollards: Find Out Their Uses And Costs

Did you know that vehicle-borne attacks are one of the most serious security threats that today’s company owners face? Finding an effective solution to reduce this risk is essential and that’s where removable bollards come in; these simple yet versatile security devices can be simply installed and removed, providing a cost-effective and dependable solution for businesses’ security needs. Let’s examine the various uses and prices of removable bollards.

Application of Removable Bollards

At Xpanda, we recognise the importance of having a dependable and effective security solution that is tailored to specific business needs. Whether you’re a locksmith, architect, property manager, or fit-out company, Xpanda will help you in providing the best type of bollards for your clients’ particular requirements, which might be removable.

Here are a few real-life scenarios of removable bollard uses that demonstrate how versatile and effective these devices can be in a wide range of industries and circumstances.

  • Protecting storefronts and entryways from vehicle-borne attacks with removable bollards. Storefronts and retail stores can be protected from vehicle collisions or ram-raids but have them removable for bringing loads into the store. There is also the option for removable stainless steel bollards. They are highly durable and corrosion-resistant due to their stainless steel construction, ensuring they stay in good condition over time. 
  • Making an outdoor dining space safe and secure by protecting it from vehicle traffic with removable bollards. Furthermore, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor dining has grown in popularity, making bollards an effective security solution.
  • Securing pedestrian walkways and crosswalks with security bollards to keep pedestrians safe from car traffic, especially in high-traffic areas or near busy roads. This can help decrease pedestrian accidents and make the environment safer for everyone. Removable bollards in this instance still allow maintenance vehicles to access the space.
  • Controlling entry to restricted places like government buildings or military bases. This is especially essential in areas where there is a danger of vehicle-borne attacks, such as government buildings or high-profile commercial properties. Property owners can create a secure perimeter around the building entryway by using removable bollards, preventing unauthorised vehicles from getting too close.
  • Using bollards to protect event venues and public areas from possible security threats during large events such as concerts or sporting events. Removable bollards can be used to manage crowds at public events like concerts, parades, and festivals. Galvanized bollards are extremely durable and long-lasting, making them an excellent choice for areas subject to wear and tear. The galvanization process also increases the resistance of the steel to scratches and other forms of damage, ensuring that the bollards retain their appearance and usefulness over time.
  • Keeping unauthorised vehicles out of loading docks and other high-risk locations. This will help in the prevention of theft, damage, and other security breaches, especially in sectors such as logistics and distribution, where these areas are especially susceptible.

Pricing of Removable Bollards

The price of removable bollards varies according to the choice of material, and quantity. The install cost is comparable to a fixed one, with the cost difference in the product and the suitability for your requirements being your only decision. 

Benefits of Removable Bollards

  • Customization: removable bollards can be tailored to specific needs, such as size, shape, and material, ensuring that they meet the precise specifications of each project.
  • Easy installation: bollards can be installed quickly and simply without the use of heavy machinery or extensive construction work.
  • Convenient storage: when not in use, bollards can be simply removed and stored.
  • Increased flexibility: removable bollards offer flexibility because the access doesn’t always need to be blocked off, but when it is, you know it is secure.

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