How to Protect Against Ram Raids

Has your company ever been the victim of a ram raid? If not, consider yourself fortunate. Anyone who has had a ram raid will tell you the cost is far above only the financial cost. These brazen attacks have recently become a widespread threat, with companies of all sizes and types being targeted. But what precisely is a ram raid, and How to Protect Against Ram Raids? In this article, we’ll delve deep into the world of ram raiding to unravel the mystery behind these heinous crimes. But don’t worry, we’ll also provide you with effective and practical solutions to defend your company from these threats. So, brace yourself and get ready to uncover the secrets of ram raiding and the key strategies to keep your business safe!

What is a ram-raid attack?

A ram raid attack entails driving a vehicle into a storefront or other commercial structure, often at high speed, with the purpose of stealing goods or causing damage. The attackers use the car as a battering ram to breach the security measures of the storefront and obtain access to the merchandise inside. This type of attack can take place in open daylight, and the criminals can be in and out of the store in minutes, leaving a trail of destruction and financial loss in their aftermath.

Ram-raid attacks can cause significant damage to a building, as well as endanger the safety of anyone present at the time of the attack. The cost of repairing the damage caused by a ram-raid attack can be significant, and it may take months for a company to recover in some instances. Aside from the financial consequences, a ram-raid attack can harm a company’s reputation, particularly if customers or employees were present at the time of the attack.

Over the past few years, ram-raid attacks have become a rising concern for businesses in New Zealand. In fact, New Zealand has seen several high-profile ram-raid attacks on supermarkets, liquor stores, and other small businesses. According to a study by the New Zealand Ministry of Justice, ram-raid attacks accounted for a sizable part of the NZD 1.1 billion in reported burglary and related offence costs in 2019. Recently we read in the news that the numbers are much higher than what we had been told also.

Ram raiders utilise a variety of tactics, including ramming storefronts or other structures with vehicles like stolen cars, vans, or trucks and forcing entry with tools like sledgehammers, crowbars, or cutting apparatus. In order to safeguard your company and adopt efficient security measures to reduce the risk of a ram raid attack, it is essential to identify these vulnerabilities.

How can you protect against ram-raids?

Protecting your business from ram-raids may sound overwhelming, but there are many practical steps you can take to lower the risk of this kind of crime. Working with professionals like Xpanda is always beneficial when it comes to protecting your company from ram-raids because they have experience defending companies just like yours and can perform a comprehensive security audit of your premises. To lessen the risk of ram-raids, they can offer customised security solutions that are catered to your unique requirements and budget.

Another vital step is to collaborate with local law enforcement to build trust and ensure they are aware of any security measures in place. They can also advise on how to improve security and react quickly in the event of an incident. Unknown to many, ram-raiders frequently scout their target locations ahead of time, so businesses must be alert to any suspicious behaviour in and around their premises. In the event of a ram-raid, installing CCTV cameras and alarms can deter criminals while also providing useful evidence.

5 tips to decrease the risk of ram raiders

Here are 5 steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of ram raiders, based on expert advice from specialists in manufacturing ram beams!

Tip 1: Install Security Ram Beams

The first step in reducing the danger of ram raiders is to install security bollards or ram beams. These beams act as a physical barrier to prevent vehicles from entering the building. Security ram beams are classified into three types: stationary, slotted, and swinging. Xpanda is the expert in the production of these beams, so count on us and we’ll advise you on the best option for your business. Remember that in order to be effective, the security ram beams must be placed at the proper height!

  • Fixed beams are a permanent security feature that is installed into the ground and is intended to keep ram-raiders out. They are an excellent choice for businesses that require a high degree of security but do not require access – like shop windows.
  • Slotted beams are similar to fixed beams, but they can be lifted out during the day to allow entrance for customers. This is especially helpful for businesses that receive regular deliveries or have customers coming in and out all day.
  • Swinging beams are hinged to a post and can be swung wide when entry is required. They are an excellent choice for businesses that require a versatile security solution and frequent access to their entryway.

All three options are successful at preventing ram-raids, and the best one for your company will be determined by your unique needs and situation. We will determine the best solution for you and ensure that it is properly installed and maintained to provide the best protection for your company.

Tip 2: Your Location

The location of your business can also influence the risk of ram raiders. If your company is located in a remote or poorly lit location, it may be more vulnerable to this sort of crime. Consider the potential risks and take steps to mitigate them when selecting a location for your company. Choose a spot that is well-lit and visible from the road, for example. This makes it more challenging for ram raiders to operate undetected.

Tip 3: Use Bollards

Bollards are another type of barrier that can be used to deter ram raiders. These are short posts, usually constructed of steel, Xpanda’s are filled with concrete too. They can be installed around the perimeter of your land to keep vehicles out or just across a vulnerable entrance or frontage.

Tip 4: Improve Lighting

Ram raiders can be deterred by a well-lit location, so make sure your company is well-lit both inside and out. This makes it more challenging for ram raiders to operate undetected. Motion sensor lights are an excellent choice because they can alert you to any suspicious behaviour.

Tip 5: Not just outside security measures.

A thug planning a ram raid will likely have visited the store and seen what security you have in place. If you only had bollards for example it may prevent a vehicle from doing the damage, but it won’t stop a guy with a hammer breaking in. Security Bars or mesh on doors, or an expanding barrier will make them think twice. In a recent blog post we showed a news article of how a car was stopped from gaining access to the store not by the bollards but by one of our ‘Saftidor’ expanding grilles.

Tip 6: Train Your Employees

In addition to physical and technological safeguards, training your employees to be vigilant and aware of the danger of ram raid attacks is indispensable. Make sure that they understand how to react in the event of an attack and that they have clear protocols in place to reduce the risk to themselves and your customers.

Let’s work together to implement protective measures against ram-raids!

It’s time to ensure your employees’ and customers’ safety, protect your assets, and avoid the high costs caused by this form of crime. By partnering with an Xpanda, you can be confident that your company is being safeguarded by the most experienced professionals in the industry, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: running your business.

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