Expanding Security Entry DoorFrom $750
Security Doors and Grilles for Large Doors and Windows OpeningsFrom $3,000
High Security Doors and Grilles Fully FramedFrom $5,000
Solid Steel Security DoorFrom $3,000
Security Window Bars and Screens From $225

Security Entry Door

The average cost to have an expanding security entry door (commercial grade) installed would cost you from  $750 for an average size opening (900mm wide by 2000mm high).  The price will vary based on the type of expanding door installed and level of security needed.

Expanding security doors are constructed with steel and high-grade components that have 50 years of research and development behind the product.  Security technicians analyses each point of failure to ensure components meet the requirements of the insurance industry


If you are protecting an Emergency Exit (egress) than the law requires, an expanding security door with an internal thumb-turn lock is installed.  Extra steel lattices and a protection or shielding plate are used in the manufacture to ensure the lock cannot be opened from an external threat.  The thumb-turn ensures a quick and easy way to evacuate through the door.

The thumb-turn and handle ensures for a quick opening and exit to safety and the shielding plate stops burglars’ hands from unlocking the door from the outside. If the door opening is not an emergency exit then you might opt for another option of expanding door with better priced locking options.

Security Doors and Grilles for large Doors and Windows openings

What if you want to protect your front windows, and doors with security grilles and doors?

Installing a highly visual security deterrent otherwise known as target hardening has been proven to be the best security strategy to move the burglar on to the next commercial .   Having an highly visual deterrent in place, backed up with a robust security system to slow-up thieves so your alarm or the Police can get there before they break in.

Mid-level Security (Saftidor) trellis security doors will protect your windows and doors up to 2.5m high and any width.

For wide openings, these security doors either run on castors or on top track hangers, these are made from steel and give the high visual deterrent mentioned earlier in this article.

Estimated Installation cost is from $3,000 depending on the size of the opening.


What if you require security to stop thieves dead in their tracks?

High Security Expanding Doors/Grilles is fully framed on all sides, in other words there is a solid fixing on all four sides, not just both sides, and this is what makes it High-Security.  Manufactured from steel and very difficult to break in to.  These security doors/grilles will give you peace-of-mind and only the most determined burglar would waste the time taking on these bad-boy of security doors.

Estimated Install Cost is from $5,500, depending on the size of your opening.


How Much Does It Cost to Install a Steel Security Door in New Zealand?

The cost to have a Solid Steel Door installed should be between $3,000 and $5,500 , depending what locking options you will require and what strength of door is needed.  There are other options worth mentioning, like the Steel Bar Gate and The Steel Mesh Gate, both of these can be installed inside or outside the premises.

The Steel Bar Gate and the Steel Mesh Gate can be fitted with different locking options such as the dead-lock or you may need quicker access and exit then a Digital Door Lock or a Magnetic Lock can be installed.

Estimated Install Cost is from $3,000


How Much Does It Cost to Install Security Window Bars in New Zealand?

Steel Window Bars would cost you from  $225 and can come in all sizes and configurations depending on the design chosen.  Xpanda Security have been making and installing Window Bars and Window Screens for 22 years and believe we have an excellent design as all cross brace points are welded.  The bars are welded in to the frame and also have a bracing bar every 600mm, without this the burglar will be able to bend the steel and climb through.

Window bars behind a glass cannot always be used , as the burglar can smash the glass reach around and unlock the door by and turning the  thumb turn lock.  This is where a Steel Mesh solution is a better option and doesn’t allow burglars s to put their unwanted hands through the smashed glass to open the door.

Estimated Install Cost is from $225 depending on size of opening



Xpanda have been offering quality security solutions and have the largest range of physical security barriers which is why we are confident in the value of our product.  If anyone knows the cost of quality security doors in NZ it is Xpanda, and I do bring to your attention the emphasis on quality security doors and not just security doors.  There is a range of other products that are being sold as security and yes, they are better than having no security but if you want to be sure you Xpanda-Strong to the maximum then you will need to install steel security doors, which Xpanda Security specialize in.


Xpanda Security have been protecting Kiwi businesses for over 22 years with high quality steel security.  Their reputation is somewhat perfect and their Google Reviews  online represent this and give a clear unanimous Scream from their past clients “Yes! Great job guys”.[

Give Xpanda Security the opportunity to discuss your security requirements.