Door Strengthening

Specialist security locks for doors & door strengthening options

As security specialists Xpanda manufactures an excellent range of security locks for doors as well as door strengthening bars, plates and mesh screens. Our powder-coated and maintenance-free anti-jemmy metal strips for doors are fitted to the lock edge of outward opening doors and cater to all door styles to stop the door from being pried open. These metal strips come with tamper proof bolt heads and are insurance approved highly effective door strengthening visual deterrents.

Xpanda manufactures a quality door strengthening drop bar which is still one of the most effective ways of preventing a door from being forced open. These all-steel construction drop bar plates are tamper proof and custom-built to your exact specifications with a powder coat finish. We also supply various types of specialist security locks for doors that can quickly and easily fitted when it becomes obvious that standard security door locks are no longer sufficient. Chat to one of our staff members to find out which security lock is best suited to your needs.

For better peace of mind we offer a cost effective door strengthening solution with galvanised steel sheets in various thicknesses. These sheets are cut to the door size, placed in position on the door, drilled and then bolted through the existing door.

Our versatile custom-made steel mesh door strengthening screens add extra protection for entrance doors, steel cages, or machinery lock-ups. The frames are first manufactured to fit the type of application taking into account locks, handles, door closers, and accessibility needs before being installed.